DL DVD on NEC3520A

  gerriecah 10:00 09 Apr 2006

Marsh ---
I Seem to have lost the thread due to site not responding.

Thanks for the reply, Checked out the site, got the info this time.

I am playing around with DVD+R, just experimenting, but the question of whether or not the Firmware Update succeeded or not may be a major factor, because the installation instruction state that the Update will not work with OEM drives. Now this I don't know as I was gifted the burner, so don't know if it was retail or OEM. This may be my problem. The Nero Info Tool indicates that 3.07 is installed, but whether it is working or not is a guess.

The media I am using was a sample pack, with RiDisc, Bulkpaq, Rivision, Ridisc Xtreme, Datawrite Titanium, and Datasafe. Not the top of the line, but usually reliable media. I did think that one of them should have worked.

The Burner does read pre-recorded Verbatim DL discs, as my son uses the Verbatim discs and I have some recorded data discs from him. I will have to get him to try the discs that I have got, I do not know what make of burner he has tho.

  gerriecah 18:37 09 Apr 2006


  Hertz Van Rentyl 18:45 09 Apr 2006

I think NEC used to class rebadged burners as OEM, so you may be alright. It is very confusing, if you e-mail NEC they should be able to tell you if this is still the case.

  gerriecah 19:03 09 Apr 2006

Thanks--- Have emailed NEC. Waiting for reply (beard getting longer).

How Come "rebadged" ???

Gerrie C.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 19:20 09 Apr 2006

They supply burners to other companies I think who then rebrand them. I have an HP burner but I think it is made by Lite on and LG are in there somewhewre as well. Not sure of the exact pedigrees but along those lines.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 19:26 09 Apr 2006

I know NEC burners worked ok with Verbatim in fact many moons ago when the NEC 1100 first came out Verbatim discs wre one of the few discs it would accept, they were very picky about media and the forums various were flooded with threads about them.

  gerriecah 20:00 09 Apr 2006

Hertz Van Rentyl ---

Thanks for your response. I think that You are correct about NEC and Verbatim, it appears that Verbatim is the preferred media, but it is pretty rough on the consumer if the most expensive media has to be used. There is plenty of good cheaper media that produce equally as good results.

Maybe I will dump this NEC and look around for a burner that will not be so "picky", as you say. I did think about a NEC with Labelflash, but may now look at a LightScribe model.

Gerrie C.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 23:58 09 Apr 2006

Not saying that is the situation now, should be a list of compatible brands on NEC site

  Hertz Van Rentyl 00:03 10 Apr 2006

Media list here (still like Verbatim)
click here

  gerriecah 10:20 10 Apr 2006

Hertz Van Rentyl ----

Thanks for your response, I had already been at the NEC site and they only recomend Verbatim. Below is the reply that I got from NEC to my request for information -------------

"Unfortunately NEC-Computers doesn't support separately sold NEC DVD drives.
The support on NEC DVD burners is being done by NEC Germany; our advice is to check out the web page <click here> of NEC Germany.
On this site you will be able to find all firmwares, drivers, manuals and media lists of NEC drives.
By clicking the link "corporate info" you will find all addresses and telephone numbers of NEC Germany in case it's necessary to contact NEC.

Kind Regards,

NEC technical Support
NEC Computers International"

--------- which leaves me just where I am now. So I am afraid that I certainly would not recommend NEC to anyone in the future.

Thanks very much for your assistance, I guess the case is now closed, and a NEC burner going into the trash can.

Gerrie C.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 10:42 10 Apr 2006

Lightscribe colour discs have just been announced, so should be available soon hopefully. Just hope no more expensive than current discs.

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