DL DVD on NEC 3520A

  gerriecah 11:05 08 Apr 2006

I have been unable to get Nec 3520A DVD burner to recognise blank Double Layer discs. They are recognised as CD discs only. Have upgraded to Firmware 3.07, Pre-recorded Verbatim Discs are recognised and data downloaded from them, but it appears that other blank discs are incompatible with this drive.
Can anyone give me any advice ????

Gerrie C.

  Marsh Warden © ™ 12:56 08 Apr 2006

click here for a list of supported\recommended media.

  gerriecah 13:56 08 Apr 2006

Marsh ----
Could get no information at this site, but I know that NEC only recommend Verbatim, but does this mean that NEC burners are coded to only use Verbatim discs ??
Rather a dead loss, a burner that only supports one make of discs. "Buyer beware."

Gerrie C.

  Marsh Warden © ™ 14:07 08 Apr 2006

No, they are not coded to use a specific disk, but what the manufacturer recommends is obviously the best media to use. The link I gave opens a pdf file (Adobe Acrobat required to read), that lists all recommended media for all the supported formats.

  gerriecah 14:23 08 Apr 2006

Marsh ---
Thanks for your response, but when I went to the site I got the response "NO UPDATE AVAILABLE".

If the burner is not coded to use a specific disc surely it should show some response to other discs whether they are classed as recommended or not.

Gerrie C.

  Marsh Warden © ™ 14:35 08 Apr 2006

I notice that click here says DVD-R (DL) is only supported after the firmware update, and it gives no information on write speed. Are you sure the firmware update succeded okay. What make of media are you using?

  gerriecah 18:18 08 Apr 2006

Marsh ---

Thanks for the reply, Checked out the site, got the info this time.

I am playing around with DVD+R, just experimenting, but the question of whether or not the Firmware Update succeeded or not may be a major factor, because the installation instruction state that the Update will not work with OEM drives. Now this I don't know as I was gifted the burner, so don't know if it was retail or OEM. This may be my problem. The Nero Info Tool indicates that 3.07 is installed, but whether it is working or not is a guess.

The media I am using was a sample pack, with RiDisc, Bulkpaq, Rivision, Ridisc Xtreme, Datawrite Titanium, and Datasafe. Not the top of the line, but usually reliable media. I did think that one of them should have worked.

The Burner does read pre-recorded Verbatim DL discs, as my son uses the Verbatim discs and I have some recorded data discs from him. I will have to get him to try the discs that I have got, I do not know what make of burner he has tho.

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