rickimalone 13:56 07 May 2004

Hi all of the materials have arrived and i'm getting ready to build, my first problem is I though that the case would come with fans and a nice intruction booklet which it has not.

The case is click here

And it has two pre cut fan vents one under another directly under the power supply and one at the bottom of the front of the case.

I need help with knowing how many fans to get what size and which blow in/out???

The machine is AMD2500+..ASUSA7V8X-X..512MB(333)RAM..ATI9200)..80GB7200RPMHDD)..SAMSUNG/COMBI.CDRW/DVD)......

Please help me it's the first step and im well stuck ahhhhhhhhhh

  rickimalone 14:00 07 May 2004

Or if anyone knows of good website dealing with fans would be nice........

  byfordr 14:14 07 May 2004
  Totally-braindead 14:43 07 May 2004

I would get at least one fan, 2 may or may not be necessary, I only have one and my CPU temp and system temp never goes above 40 degrees C. The fan I would install at the back under the Power Supply and make sure its sucking the air out of the case to the outside( I usually check this with a bit of tissue if theres no markings on the fans ). If you do install one at the front make sure its sucking the air in from outside, this way you have one fan sucking air into the case and one blowing out so you get good airflow.

  rickimalone 14:45 07 May 2004

Next question with the case I recieved brass screws??? am I ment to screw them into the case and then the motherboard on top of them????? the screws are at the bottom of this link????click here

  Ivor_Monkey 15:02 07 May 2004

This has got the makings of being a long and interestng thread. :-)

Please keep posting as you build. Where you go, others may follow and we need to learn.

Good luck.

  Totally-braindead 15:12 07 May 2004

Yes thats exactly what you do. They are to keep the motherboard off the case to stop short circuits, only put them where there are holes in the motherboard, if you place the motherboard in the case you should be able to see which holes in the motherbaord line up with which holes in the case.

  rickimalone 15:29 07 May 2004

Ive got a feeling it's going to be a long weekend, thanks to all above i've calmed down a bit know and am off down to maplins to get some fans and tool's will keep all informed of progress and will most likely be driving people mad with questions!!!!

  rickimalone 15:31 07 May 2004

just for people new to my little project here are the original threads 1)click here

2)click here

3)click here

Well it all here now and my little project begins, god help me......

  Taylor44 16:20 07 May 2004

Good luck with your build.Don't worry about asking questions..thats how we all learn..Dont be seduced by too many fans though as they can be counterproductive in moving the air round the case if you have too many in the wrong places!!Keep your wiring routes as tidy as possible and try the round IDE cables as they help airflow round the case interior..Be careful with the CPU cooler when you place it on your processor and you should be o.k..Don't go forcin'...Keep askin'
Good Luck

  whatsupdoc 16:27 07 May 2004

Please keep posting as you build. Where you go, others may follow and we need to learn.
sorry to cut and paste someone else text but please keep the thread open with regular updates.

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