DIY Kit or ready made?

  rossgolf 16:07 17 Jan 2008

i will be placing an order using click here
i dont no weether to buy a custom pc and let them assemble it or save 40£ and buy a custom pc but build /put it together myself?

anythink i may need to watch out for if i build myself or anythink like that?

  [email protected] 17:14 17 Jan 2008

It's not like putting a bike together ;-)
- but - you will get a lot of satisfaction and probably learn a lot if you do it yourself.
You need to have a good idea of what your are doing and be able to work with TLC and no brute force.
You need some knowledge about electrics.
Have a read here, click here
but note there are several other sites, just Google "how to build your own computer" without the quotes.
DO ensure all the bits you assemble before building are compatible - this is vital to the end product.

  Pineman100 18:44 17 Jan 2008

As [email protected] has aid, it can be satisfying to build your own computer.

Provided everything goes to plan.

If anything goes wrong, are you confident that you have sufficient knowledge to put it right? If not, then your £40 saving could very quickly evaporate in professional problem-solving fees.

  Totally-braindead 18:47 17 Jan 2008

To be honest I'm rather surprised that you can save any money building yourself as its usually more expensive.

  Fingees 18:52 17 Jan 2008

If you haven't done it before, I would suggest you start either with a motherboard bundle, which ihcludes CPU and memory pre installed.

Then a case, drives, etc. it would give you experience without the possibility of destroying the CPU by mid-handling

Alternatively buy a barebones system, and fit hard drives and dvds etc.

I suggest look at Novatech

click here

I buy all my parts etc from them.

  skidzy 19:19 17 Jan 2008

Golden rule in my book;

Do your research first.

Make sure you have all compatible parts to hand before you start the build.

Do build the computer on the lounge carpet.

As said,a mobo bundle is the best way to start off.

  skidzy 19:20 17 Jan 2008

Should read

Do NOT build the computer on the lounge carpet.

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