DIY advice please

  Trikie 21:49 27 Aug 2007

Some advice on DIY websites please.

I know absolutely nothing about building a website but would like to set one up for a 300 member club and so am interested in the various packages advertised in the mag.

I envisage about 12 pages of information, some of which can be updated by specified club members, and scope for a lot of photos. I would also like to add application forms that can be printed off and possibly the monthly 30 page magazine.

Reading the adverts I get the impression that templates are widely used, but would like to be able to personalise at least the home page.

No need for a forum or sales facilities.

What amount of webspace should I be thinking of, and is the monthly traffic relevent? Finances could go up to £10 a month.

Any advice gratefully received.

  djbenny 22:23 27 Aug 2007


first off this could very simply be done using joomla
a content management system that is available for free - click here

then there are many addons like galleries and application forms and mailouts etc that could be added you can find these on the joomla website unfder the extensions link

as for hosting, there are cheap packages out there but most are not very reliable...i would recommend click here, you can signup for $4 a month and get a free domain name. within the control panel of that hosting package there is a facility called fantastico...which has a lot of built in scripts (joomla been one) which you can just click on fill in a little bit of information then press install and its all ready to go so it couldnt be any easier!

monthly traffic is relevant if you have a lot of vistors or big files...its the amount that the website can transfer to the users computer, but wit that hosting package i offered above should be more than adaquate.

i hope this helps :)

  Forum Editor 01:13 28 Aug 2007

so you needn't worry about that.

Traffic figures are relevant if visitors are downloading things other than the html pages themselves - otherwise you'll have no cause for concern, as djbenny said. In any case, your hosting account will almost certainly allow for a lot more bandwidth than you'll ever consume with a 300 member site.

Webspace? A 12 page site will take up hardly any space, so don't worry - all hosting accounts will provide you with more than enough, unless you plan to offer large numbers of documents for download.

I don't advise hosting on an American server - any customer service issues can be complicated by the time differences between there and the UK, there are plenty of good, inexpensive hosts in this country.

  djbenny 18:19 28 Aug 2007

click here i have used them before, they are based in london and great support and price!

  Jim Thing 22:40 28 Aug 2007

Don't put your e-mail address on your website without disguising it in some way — unless you want to appear in the Guinness Book of Records under Most Spam In A Day.

click here for suggestions on how to disguise.

  Trikie 23:27 28 Aug 2007

Thanks everyone. I've had a look at the site suggested by djbenny and after looking at the features am rather confused. Are these essentials for what I want to do -
cPanel Control Panel
• Fantastico DeLuxe
• Easy Website Wizard
• Free Mambo Installation
• Free Joomla! Installation
and if so how do they relate to one another and what does each one do?

I think I need to get an understanding of the various processes involved in even a simplified way of producing a basic website. Can anyone point me to a basic tutorial please.

  Patr100 03:08 29 Aug 2007

There are basic tutorials here;

click here

  djbenny 08:41 29 Aug 2007

the control panel, is basically the control centre of the website with the amount of space you have, the bandwidth etc etc

Fantastico, is what i was talking about, its the script installer it has around 50 free scripts or so and all you have todo is fill in a few simple forms and the script installs itself!

the easy website wizard, is to help you easy creatye a basic webpage, it comes with built in templates etc all you do is fill the information in for each page.

Mambo/Joomla are content management systems, they are easy to use for setting up more advanced/professional websites...there are thousands of addons and templates for these which (most of) are free! (and nativespace do an installation for free on your behalf!)

  moyeshelo 09:21 21 May 2008

so with application monitoring systems like optier's click here
I can manage Joomla's data content over the server?

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