The DIVX issue.

  jhwhite 21:50 26 Jan 2011

Hi Guys,

I've started having a bit of a problem when playing a movie using Divx, annoyingly it's started (for some reason) crashing whenever I try and use it.

Annoyingly I decided to uninstall it (and then probably reinstall) but it crashes whenever I try to do that too.

Any ideas how to get this thing off my computer?



  northumbria61 22:15 26 Jan 2011

There's a fix for DivX here click here and see here click here

  jhwhite 23:18 26 Jan 2011

Gave it a go but still having a problem.

I installed the fixes but the program still won't start and crashes my web browser. So I decided to try unistalling it again after adding the fixes but it said I should close Divx first (which wasn't running at the time.

So I restarted my computer and then tried to uninstall but it still crashes. Running out of ideas I ran the divx updater which did seem to updating a lot of stuff, new codec etc but it stalled at about 80% of its update.


  dororof 02:24 27 Jan 2011

If your still having problems and are sure you wish to uninstall try Revo,

click here

  northumbria61 11:43 27 Jan 2011

"but it stalled at about 80% of its update." Have you tried doing a "Cusom" install instead of a full install? - and try disabling your Anti-Virus program while you do so. It may help.

  dasli 13:15 27 Jan 2011

interesting for me, thanks

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