Dividing a network

  Phoenix999 01:10 15 Jun 2006

I understand there is a way of dividing my network by subnets enabling me to apply different rules with my router to each subnet!
Can someone explain in simple language how to divide it please?

  mgmcc 07:42 15 Jun 2006

A "subnet" is a sub-network that operates in a specified IP address range. For example: to is a subnet to is a different subnet

The Subnet Mask of "masks" these two subnets so that they cannot communicate and can be used independently. If you change the Subnet Mask to then addresses with a different third "octet" will communicate, i.e. the above two subnets will no longer be hidden from one another.

However, your router will operate in a particular single subnet and allocate IP addresses in that subnet, so I think you will be unable to configure it to use different rules for multiple subnets.

  Phoenix999 13:22 15 Jun 2006

My router manual is here click here
(it may take a couple of minutes to open)
I understand what you are saying about subnet asks etc. so what is chapter 18 referring to when it says "SUBNET-BASED BANDWIDTH MANAGEMENT"?


  mgmcc 17:01 15 Jun 2006

I don't know what sort of hardware that is, but it doesn't appear to be the type of kit normally used in peer-to-peer home networking. It's way over my head, I'm afraid.

  Phoenix999 20:45 15 Jun 2006

Thanks mgmcc, the support guys at Zyxel don't seem to know what it is either so you're in good company :)
Seriously, if anyone knows how I can apply the rules by subnet, please let me know.

  ade.h 20:56 15 Jun 2006

I just clicked on the link to your manual and found that you used a direct link to the download; this isn't a good idea on the forum - the FE mentioned it in passing recently - because that file will automatically download in many cases. This presents obvious practical issues and potential security issues. Just link to the previous page.

  Phoenix999 22:57 15 Jun 2006

Sorry, I didn't realise! Can you tell me how to extract the address to link to just the page please?

  ade.h 23:11 15 Jun 2006

Just as a quick example, click here for downloads for a Belkin 7632. Or click here for the PDF download itself, which is the 3rd link under the heading Manuals and Drivers on the page to which I would normally link.

  ade.h 23:12 15 Jun 2006

Actually my second link is okay as well, because Belkin has put another link after that! It's that final link which starts the download.

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