Dividing a hard drive

  loopyloo 20:04 11 Nov 2009

I have just purchased a new laptop and I would like to divide the hardrive into 2 for a C drive and D drive. I have never done this before as all my other laptops are usually divided allready.
Is this an easy job and what do I need to do. I am running Windows 7 and its an Acer 5738 model.

  Technotiger 20:28 11 Nov 2009

You need this click here to partition your drive. I use a different paid-for program which is very similar, they are not difficult to use, nor do they cause you to lose any of your programs or settings etc.

  JayDay 20:36 11 Nov 2009

I too would recommend EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition. Used it this afternoon on my daughters laptop. Very easy to use.

  GaT7 21:15 11 Nov 2009

What's the size of your drive? I would recommend a minimum of 40Gb for the OS partition, so it doesn't get 'cramped', which could lead to a slowdown. One can get away with a 15-20Gb partition with XP. G

  woodchip 21:21 11 Nov 2009

If you only have a Restore disc for the Laptop, its best left as it is. As the Restore Disc will no longer work. Either that or use Acronis to Create Images to a External Drive so you can restore it if it all goes Pear Shaped

  loopyloo 22:13 11 Nov 2009

There is a hidden partition which has a restore feature and also I have made restore disks. If I partition the hardrive will I lose the hidden partition? The size of the harddrive is 200Gb.

  Technotiger 22:22 11 Nov 2009

It is a long time since I did partitioning myself, but I am pretty sure you will not lose the hidden partition, nor anything else.

  woodchip 22:55 11 Nov 2009

Yes your Restore disc's will not work after you change the drive. You need Acronis before you do anything and a External USB drive to create a Image og the Laptop Drive to the External Drive. Also Check the Image works before changing Partitions

  Migwell 23:09 11 Nov 2009

I never saw the point in partitioning, after all if your drive goes down you still loose the whole lot any way. I always think it is as easy and far far better to plug in a seperate drive, at least if anything goes wrong you still have your files securley held somewhere elseas a copy.

DONT! Partition it is a waste of time and effort.

My laptop came with the 160Gig drive split into two useable sections apart from the hidden partition, so the first thing I did was to get rid of the 'D' partition. It works far better that way.

  woodchip 23:56 11 Nov 2009

It makes a good Idea to separate operating System from Programs and Saved files, with at least one partition

  gazzaho 01:06 12 Nov 2009

I use Acronis True Image myself but your comment on needing it isn't true, Windows 7 has the ability to make a full system backup of the computer, if you run Backup and Restore you'll see an option on the left to create a system image, originally I believe this option was for Business and Ultimate versions only but they must have decided to include it in all versions. I haven't tried this myself as I'm used to Acronis for backing up, but users without Acronis may find it preferable to buying an additional backup program.

I would agree with Migwell, partitioning isn't for the most part helpful, especially on a laptop as recovery partitions are often included on the drive and these may be the only way to recover your system if things go pear shaped, I for one wouldn't want to try changing partitions and risk loosing the recovery one. Better to backup you personal files on an external USB drive, that way your files are completely separate from the computer.

With regard to partitions in Vista and Windows 7 I was under the impression you could set up a partition from Disk Management with the Shrink Volume menu option, perhaps I'm wrong, I've never tried it.

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