denali 11:35 26 Apr 2004

I posted this thread a few weeks ago and to those who read, and responded to it, thank you. I followed suggested links and did as I was told but I am still no wiser. My daughter is studying nursing and she is constantly on the Harvard medical school website. We can download text files, they are in PDF, and we have Adobe. She is trying to get some graphs and video's on gynaecology (not sure if I can use that word on the forum) but they are downloaded as DIV 3 or DIV X. I downloaded two players suggested by Forum members but they do not convert. I have all the latest updates for Win. Media player, Real and Quicktime but they just say cannot play this file. One of the players I downloaded opens perfectly but I just get a black screen, although the playing bar moves as normal. I appreciate this is somewhat longwinded but she has her exams in May and I really have to get this sorted. I can get no helpful advice from Harvard except to purchase the tapes from them, the cheapest being $52!!. I really would appreciate any advise. Many thanks. Denis Running Win98 se

  denali 11:36 26 Apr 2004


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