Ditigal Cameras Number of Pixels used

  Regor 18:08 11 Jan 2006

I have a 5m mega pixel ditigal camera, how many pixels do I use when I take a 6x4 photograph?

  woodchip 18:18 11 Jan 2006

200 is enough to print a 10x8 picture. From a Digital printer book. So it should be adequate for 6x4

  Chris Webster 20:46 11 Jan 2006

Have a read of this click here it may be of some use.

Cheers Chris.

  DieSse 23:48 11 Jan 2006

*200 is enough*

200 pixels - I don't quite think you meant that woodchip ;-)

  SANTOS7 23:54 11 Jan 2006

a 6×4" print contains a nominal 1800×1200 pixels).

  johnnyrocker 23:55 11 Jan 2006



  SANTOS7 23:57 11 Jan 2006

Which is 2,160,000 more than enough then...

  woodchip 10:07 12 Jan 2006

No I meant 2meg not the full 5meg of the camera, I was thinking of Flatbed Scanner set to 200. You should be able to select this and it will allow you to get more pics on the Mem card

  Regor 11:08 12 Jan 2006

My question should have been, do you use all 5m pixels when taking a 6x4 photo or just a few?

  Hamish 11:23 12 Jan 2006

My camera does not know what size of picture I am taking. I can vary the number of pixels down from 5meg if I wish but as I have a fairly large memory card I do not change the settings as if I take the picture at 5meg I can crop the picture if required and print to whatever size I wish. If you are only printing directly on a 6 x 4 printer try various settings to see which one prints to your liking.

  PaulB2005 11:49 12 Jan 2006

click here

Probably not. But it's better to take the photo at higher resolution and reduce it in size than try to take the picture at the correct size when you start.

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