ditch vista want to install xp pro sp2 on sony

  holly polly 18:55 24 Feb 2008

gday all my friend has a sony vaio model no VGN-NR11S/S came preinstalled with vista which he hates so he wants to go back to xp tried changing the 1st boot device to cd in bios put xp cd in loads so far then xp tells me that there is no hd installed on my comp so i obviously need the raid sata driver can anyone provide a link to the correct driver for this model in xp and bear in mind its a laptop so no floppy drive so i suppose i will have to make a slipstream disc a tutorial how to do this and merge the drivers with my xp pro cd with sp2 would be most helpful, bloody sata drives no probs with ide.
as usual all answers greatfully accepted
regards to all
Hol Pol.....

  Fingees 19:01 24 Feb 2008

I am one who thinks ditching vista is a backward step.
However if you are going to, make sure you have the correct drivers etc, for XP. BEFORE YOU START.
If not, you may find that not only is it a backward step particularly on a built for Vista computer, but some things may not work..

  MAT ALAN 19:01 24 Feb 2008

click here

This may help...

  tullie 19:23 24 Feb 2008

Agreed,went down that road,now back on vista

  holly polly 19:55 24 Feb 2008

so is anyone goin to tell me how to do it then?

  holly polly 20:34 24 Feb 2008

look guys i need help has anyone got the knowledge and a link to the correct driver its my mate who wants to do this has some of his hardware will not work under vista printer etc. the answers appear to be very short coming.
regards hol pol...

  Sheik Yerbouti 20:38 24 Feb 2008

why do you need a raid driver ...? Has the laptop got 2 hdd's inside?

  Sheik Yerbouti 20:42 24 Feb 2008

I'm guessing there is a hidden partition on the c drive. Boot from XP cd and when given the option, delete all HDD Partitions. Then create a new partition, using the default setting (leave 8mb as unpartitioned space). Then install to C. As fingees said above..before you do any of this get all the required drivers, to get you up and running, network, and graphics most important.

  MAJ 20:45 24 Feb 2008

There's no sense in you getting impatient, holly polly. The problem with going back to XP is that sometimes the laptop manufacturer will not release XP drivers for certain components in the laptop if they have decided that it should operate on Vista. This seems to be the case with your mate's laptop and SATA drivers. click here Find out what drive is installed and checkout the manufacturer's website and see if there are XP SATA drivers there.

  Sheik Yerbouti 20:46 24 Feb 2008

"changing the 1st boot device to cd in bios put xp cd in loads so far then xp tells me that there is no hd installed on my comp"

can you remember the exact error message?

  Fingees 20:51 24 Feb 2008

I don't understand why your mate's printer etc dosn't work.

Tell him to get new drivers, or try to run present drivers in compatibility mode.

better still get new printer, they are now cheap enough. Most hardware has new drivers available by now, and a lot of drivers have been added in Vista itself, so the problem shouldn't be that great.

It's just a point.

Good luck.

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