Ditch NAV for AVG-advice pls?

  AngeTheHippy 12:21 16 Feb 2005

Morning Chaps, Been using NAV for a few years now, current edition is 2002. It has allowed various virus in a few times, but now I have a problem with my e-mail client -Thunderbird - which I've been using quite happily now for more than a year. I have 3 mailboxes, only the first one, every 3 mins or so, puts the pop-up window either asking for my password, I enter it, then it appears AGAIN, or another window asking for a new password. I rang my IP (Eclipse) who firstly asked what AV s/w I had and on hearing it was NAV, stated 'say no more....!' I've been reading other posts here on AV s/w, what's recommended etc., and AVG seems to be quite high on the list of preference. Additionally a pal of mine has always used it and never had a problem. My problem now is, when I uninstall NAV, it has 2 pieces of s/w that need to be done uninstalled in a specific order. In my add/remove list, there is 'LiveReg - Symantec Corporation' and 'LiveUpdate 2.6'. From past experience, I uninstalled in the wrong order and I was left unable to uninstall the other part. I tried re-installing, but was left with a bl***y mess, and don't wanna do that again.

Advise greatly appreciated,



  AngeTheHippy 12:29 16 Feb 2005

Just noticed 2 other items in add/remove - they are: Norton antivirus 2002 and Norton WMI update. So, there are 4 items to be uninstalled - this makes it more difficult!!


  Yoda Knight 12:31 16 Feb 2005

Cant say I've had any email related probs with NAV, but I do have probs with it slowing down my pc. I ditched it for AVG when NAV2002 was slowing me down, and then tried again with NAV2005 - same problem. So.. I will ditch it again.
AVG on the other hand keeps telling me that my email settings are incorrect, no matter what I do. Even an uninstall/reinstall doesnt help. It also started telling me that my AV DEFs are corrupted on a regular basis. I can occasionally force a fix by choosing to save them to disk and then updating, but not always. And sometimes it just fixes itself !
As far as the un-installing of NAV goes, I would expect it to be NAV 1st, then Live Update, as live update also links to other Symantec products ad shares the AV defs with NAV.
But I could be wrong....
Just thought I'd have a rant about AV here

  AngeTheHippy 12:40 16 Feb 2005

I fully appreciate you wanting the odd 'rant'!!! So, what AV s/w are u using now? Still AVG? It DOES seem to be the favourite, maybe 'cos it's free!!


  Graham ® 12:48 16 Feb 2005

Look in Programs to see if NAV has an uninstall option.

  Sir Radfordin 12:56 16 Feb 2005

My NAV subscription has just come up for renewl and since the 2002 version I was running had been giving me endless problems decided not to bother. Uninstalled and put AVG on instead. First thing it did was find 2 trojans so doubts over the usefulness of NAV all those years quickly arose! My PC does not boot up in about half the time it did before which is also a big advantage.

  whybe 13:06 16 Feb 2005

Like many others I have ditched NAV / NIS and replaced it with alternates. I found that after having uninstalled NIS via Add / Remove programs, I needed to do a number of searches for remaining bits using Norton, Symantec etc. You may also need to go into the Registry to get rid of the Symantec folder. The 2 AV's I use now are AVG7 which seems to work well with Thunderbird, but I have had problems with the Email scanner causing timeouts with other email software so you may find you need to adjust settings, often either stopping it check outgoing email or perversely unchecking the email scan confirmation notice. My experience has been that it doesn't work very well with Outlook (not Outlook Express) on that PC I use another free version Avast which has a particular Outlook plugin but no automated scan. Both seem to have strengths and weaknesses.

  AngeTheHippy 13:28 16 Feb 2005

many thanks for your input(s). I've since looked on Symantec site and after wading thru the 19000-odd entries for 'uninstall NAV', found that it is indeed possible to uninstall via progs, but on just looking, there is no uninstall option in either the symantec folder or the norton folder. It also states that going into registry may be necessary to clear out any remaining files, which I don't relish doing, but am fed-up with norton now.

It would need an awful lot of persueding for me to leave T/Bird and return to Outlook!!



will keep ya posted

  Graham ® 13:33 16 Feb 2005

If you need any help editing the Registry safely, just ask.

  Graham ® 13:47 16 Feb 2005

You could try CCleaner first click here to get rid of leftovers, then Regcompact to tidy up click here

  Jeffers22 14:02 16 Feb 2005

I, like the others ditched Norton in favour of AVG to reduce the impact on performance (and to save money!)- and it really shows! Have had none of the problems described by YodaKnight, in fact all has been sweetness and light. Nor have I found the same problem as whybe in the way it works with Outlook - Outlook is my bible and runs my business and private lives. (Would probably do it a bit better if I was more disciplined!)

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