Distributing e-mail to multiple Outlook accounts

  ******************** 00:25 13 Jan 2004

I have multiple users on my PC - one for each member of the family. I have Outlook 2002 installed, with e-mail accounts set up for each user. I would like to filter my children's e-mail to ensure unsavoury spam doesn't reach them, then re-direct acceptable e-mail to their Outlook accounts. Although I can download all mail to my account, I can't see any way of passing on clean e-mail 'internally' to their Outlook accounts. Is this possible? I have thought about deleting stuff off the ISP mailserver before downloading to Outlook, but I can't see how this can be done automatically immediately before the kids download with Outlook. Help please?

  Diodorus Siculus 08:19 13 Jan 2004

I don't know how to do it "internally" but in the past I have downloaded all mail to one account and then forwarded all the rest to a secondary account which was set up to accept mail from only one user.

That way the only mail received by the children was first vetted by the adult.

I am not sure that this censoring is a good idea, but given the offensive nature of some spam, I decided to do it for a friend.

  Baron of Basingstoke 15:20 13 Jan 2004

Thanks for the suggestion Diodorus. I guess I could set up some rules for their Outlook accounts to dump any mail not coming from me. Good idea.

I agree that censoring is not ideal in principle, but a lot of the spam received was of a very adult nature - so I felt I had to do something.

  woodchip 15:28 13 Jan 2004

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