Distorted sound with nvidia graphics

  Mr Crispy 12:58 17 Jan 2003
  Mr Crispy 12:58 17 Jan 2003

This is funny one, when using any kind of media player the sound distorts when there is any visual movement on-screen. This only happens with nvidia graphics cards as I tried it with an Ati and it was fine. I have tried several different nvidia cards and it is just the same. I have tried a different sound card and every driver known to man. Its most apparent when using windows media player with the visuals on, if you drop it to the taskbar the sound clears up. The operating system is XP Pro on a Tiny PC with a PIII 733 processor.

  mark3110 13:07 17 Jan 2003

What sound card are you using? I had a similer problem within a few games with my Soundblaster live 5.1, it turned out to be the Latest Soundblaster drivers. I reverted back to the original sound drivers and it solved the problem.



  Mr Crispy 13:22 17 Jan 2003

Originally it was the onboard sb128, it now has a creative 4.1 pci card with the latest drivers but it is exactly the same.

  Mr Crispy 13:50 17 Jan 2003

Just a little more info. The graphics cards that have been tried are, nvidia tnt 64, geforce2 mx 400, geforce4 ti4200 128, geforce4 ti4600 128. All had the same problem. Radeon 9000 with no problem at all.

  Mr Crispy 15:29 17 Jan 2003

just keeping thread alive and living in hope

  mark3110 15:39 17 Jan 2003

Uninstall the latest sound drivers and install an older version.


  Mr Crispy 10:54 18 Jan 2003

Tried earlier drivers, still no good. Thanks anyway mark3110

  wyatt earp 11:03 18 Jan 2003

I have the same problem as you which i thought could be Nvidea & Soundblaster conflict.
I am running ver. 40.72 on the graphics card and original Win XP drivers for the 5.1 card.
I had to reload XP a month or so ago so i have not put on the new live driver pack which i sent away for in SEP 02.
If you do get a result which works - post it here.

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