Distorted graphics crash

  89vhassan 14:18 21 Mar 2008

i have tried the search tool on these forums but cant find a similar problem to me so here goes:

comp spec : compaq pesario 5135uk
intel core duo E2160
2 gb ram
nvida GT8500 512
500w psu

anyways what is happening is after 3 hours my screen will suddenly go in a distorted fashion and will freeze you can still see items on the screen but the screen is like a glass effect it weird not seen it before. After a hard reset i go back in and windows vista has no recognition of the problem all my drivers were put on by PC world from who i bought the computer from no more then 3 weeks ago everything in this comp is new and all drivers have been put on with windows update is there anyone with similar problems or a thread on these forums which have had similar problems please point me in thier direction


  citadel 18:51 21 Mar 2008

I would guess at the graphics card getting too hot or a blip on the power rail from the psu to the graphics card.

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