Distorted audio with EasyCap

  dangerusone 13:19 21 Mar 2011

I bought an EasyCap video to Pc device (off eBay) the device works well with video but the sound is very distorted, I'ved tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers + updating but nothing seems to work.
I've been on various forums andthis device gets mixed reviews.
I've tried altering Realtek AC97 but with no luck.
I'm running Windows XP and it is plugged into a USB2 port.
I'm highly delighted with the video aspect but not the sound.
I'm using Ulead VideoStudio software that came with the device.
Has anyone had any experience of this please?

  northumbria61 14:35 21 Mar 2011

"Has anyone had any experience of this please?"

No, but are your "Codecs" up to date? Download from here click here

  Nontek 14:38 21 Mar 2011

have a look through the comments of other users ...

click here

  ashdav 16:06 21 Mar 2011

Assuming you're using the mic input on your computer,try turning the input level down (in Windows not in the software).

  ashdav 16:07 21 Mar 2011

Sorry just seen that you're using usb.
Note to self read ALL the post.

  dangerusone 21:34 21 Mar 2011

I already have the K-lite codec pack that you suggest.
I have been to a couple of review sites and whilst most of them say it works OK in XP there are a few like me that are having trouble with the distorted sound.
I have messed about in Device manager/Realtek AC97 Audio and I've seem to have completely messed it up ie. Great video but no sound at all.
I'll continue trying and post how I get on as it seems like a handy little gadget and I want to convert all my old VHS tapes with my grandchildren to DVD.

  Nontek 21:58 21 Mar 2011

Best way to convert VHS to DVD is with a Combined VHS/DVD Player-Recorder. Much less hassle, just record directly onto DVD while playing the VHS tape. Have a look on eBay.

  Nontek 22:09 21 Mar 2011
  dangerusone 23:20 21 Mar 2011

I have one but I don't like it, I'd rather have them on my computer and edit them.
Thanks all the same

  dangerusone 08:32 22 Mar 2011

Lazarus The 2nd.
It looks as if I have bought a copy/knock off
My device does not look anything like the one shown (ezcap dc60+)
I'm going back reluctantly to Nonteks advice and use the VCR to DVD Recorder that I have in the loft.
I would much prefer to have them on my PC as AVI files as I can do so much more with regarding editing.
Many thanks. I'll post a conclusion when I've been successful.


  robin_x 11:14 22 Mar 2011

Make your disc on unit and finalise.
Use VIDEO format on the unit if you have a choice.
Probably best with DVD-RW or +RW (check which your unit supports) so you can reuse discs.

Practice on a few minutes of video first, 2 or 3 clips.

Put the disc in your computer's DVD drive.

Explore the folders, don't (auto)play the disc.

You should see .vob files (which are basically .mpg s). Those can be imported into your editing suite to do as you want.


The files may be another format and you get .vro files.
These can also be imported for editing, but fewer edit suites may cater for them.

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