Distorted audio

  shellship 17:33 10 Mar 2005

Over the past few months the quality of reproduction of my audio CDs has deteriorated. I've changed my sound card and speakers to no avail. The same happens whether I play from the CD/DVD player drive or the CDRW one (combo job from Dell. Could it be something wrong with the combo drive? The CDRW is slightly noisy now and the CD/DVD does not always autostart.

  Storik 17:37 10 Mar 2005

Is this when reproducing them or just playing them on the computer?

Could be you need to clean your recording device or, more seriously, it is faulted. However, try cleaning it first, lot cheaper!


  shellship 17:41 10 Mar 2005

Thanks. Just when playing them.

  Storik 19:05 10 Mar 2005

How do they play on other CD players?

Could give you a clue as to whether it's your recording device that's at fault. :-)


  shellship 22:22 10 Mar 2005

Thanks. On conventional CD player there is no problem. Only on my computer.

  Storik 09:00 11 Mar 2005

Well if that's the case, get yourself a "cleaning CD" - it has a little brush on it and will remove any dust that has accumilated on the laser. They come in wet or dry format.

You never know, the simplest solutions often work!


  Demora 10:27 11 Mar 2005

Also what software are you using to play cds/ I had a BIG problem with Media player 10. No matter how I set the speakers and volume levels it always sounded distorted. BUT not with Creatives play centre. So I went back to Media Player 9 and everythings ok again. Check the plugs that go into the speakers and sound card. and the wiring. I have a cat tha loves the taste of wires

  shellship 11:13 11 Mar 2005

Thanks. It is indeed MP 10 I use. I have Creative's thingy with my new SB Live! card and will try that. Thanks.

Storik. I have ordered a cleaner and will try that.

  shellship 18:20 11 Mar 2005

OK repduction with Creative Media thingy so you were right but I have problems in geting rid of MP 10. Control Panel, Add/Remove Windows Components doesn't seem to do it (unless I'm doing it wrong)and my downloaded MP 9 won't install until I've got rid of MP 10. Any thoughts, please.

  shellship 22:21 11 Mar 2005

Help. In trying to get rid of MP10 I've lost some of my Windows Components which don't seem to want to come back. Little knowledge is a dangerous thing but I thought I knew a lot!

  Storik 23:03 11 Mar 2005

of what you're getting rid of, but can you use a restore (backup) point to get back to where you started?

Once you've done that, either use the program's uninstall facility - or remove it through Window's "remove program facility" - not sure of which Window's version you're using. Anyway try the program's uninstall first, if it has one.


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