Dissconnecting from tiscali

  Master T 11:44 31 May 2006

well i rang em up today and had a nice chat with
i decided to dissconnect from tiscali because there services was driving me nuts so heres what they had to say wen i rang em up.

a scottish bloke answered the phone he was very deturmend to make me stay, weh he asked me why i was dissconnecting i stoped me self saying its the biggest pile of crap ive ever seen ^_^ and said that the servce is not as good as it used to be.

now he went on giving me unwanted advice how to fix a problem which i never gave him. i then said that i was an IT technition "im not realy" and that shut him up for a while

After 10 mins of crap he said that they would disconnect me on the 30TH OF JULY and they would stop billing me on the 5th

Why cant they stop my service when i pay my last bill cos now i have to wait till the 30th of july then another 10 - 15 days after that for them to dissconnect me then i can apply for my other ISP.

I asked why and he said that it takes time for them to dissconnect the broadband markers now WTF are broadband markers,
i googled it and wikid it and nowt came up so i think there havin me on.

What i want to know is what are broadband markers if they exsist

and they should be able to dissconect me sooner shouldent they i thought they would sort me out in a week or so but not a month, do you think i should ring em back and have another nice talk =/

  SANTOS7 11:51 31 May 2006

9.3 Either party may terminate this Agreement on giving 30 days written notice to the other at anytime and for any reason. You must pay the Fees up to an including the date of termination for all Internet Access Services you receive from us.
click here

text taken from "terms and conditions"

  Stuartli 12:35 31 May 2006

Did you ring 0842-077-4488?

Tiscali's bills are in arrears, so I presume your date of the 5th is in August?

  Master T 12:37 31 May 2006

i rang 0845 007 4488

and its the 5th july my last bill payed monthly

anyone know wot broadband markers are i still cant find out on the internet =/

  Stuartli 12:40 31 May 2006

As I stated before, Tiscali's bills are paid in arrears.

  TonyV 13:05 31 May 2006

Don't know what Broadband Markers are, but assuming you pay your monthly bills via a Direct Debit, what ever you do, make sure you cancel it from the date you have been given for closure. If you do not, Tiscali will keep taking money every month from your account and you will have one awful problem trying to get them to pay it back to you. Trust me, I have been there!


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