Before disposing of my old computer

  Biko59 03:28 18 Sep 2006

Before disposing of my old computer I want to:
1) Save some email folders to CD
2) Then clean the computer so no one can ever access my old files and emails.

How do I do this please?

  terryf 04:30 18 Sep 2006

Go to outlook express>tools>options>maintenance>store folder and note this location. All your files are stored here as dbx files. These could be copied and later can be extracted using suitable programs, google for 'extracting from dbx'. Alternatively you could copy them onto a folder on your new computer but it all gets messy.
Clean the computer - take out the hard drive and after drilling holes in it, submerging it in a bucket of water hit it with a large hammer

  jack 05:28 18 Sep 2006

You cannot 'clean' a Harddrive completely- it all depends on where the machine is going - if you know the intended recipent- then a simple format is enough.
If it is going into the wide world and you have sensitive data - then destroying the drive is the only answer.
Various overwritng software is available- will only mask stuff - if the new owner has the means and interest- they will get at the drive contents- eventually.

  Taff™ 06:43 18 Sep 2006

click here and check the Product Feature link. This works OK but do a number of sweeps. If it is really sensitive data remove the HDD and sell it without or buy a smaller disk and transfer the OS to it.

  Biko59 08:08 18 Sep 2006

Thanks Terry. I'm using Outlook not Outlook Express. Do you know if there is a similar tool in Outlook please?

  Diodorus Siculus 08:55 18 Sep 2006

For outlook you need simply copy a file called *.pst

  Diodorus Siculus 08:56 18 Sep 2006

Download details: Outlook 2003 Add-in: Personal Folders Backup
click here

  howard64 09:11 18 Sep 2006

download this little prog [freeware] it is called findmycreditcard and it found stuff on my pc that I did not even know I had ever typed in. click here

  Kate B 11:13 18 Sep 2006

howard64, do you work for findmycreditcard?

  colin1953 21:46 18 Sep 2006

Reohix Freeze Burn 1.1

Quote in the PC Adviser magazine.

'Freeze Burn is an extensive utility for windows based PCs that will completely erase data from your hard drive. Sensitive files will never be recovered again, with any recovery tool.'

This software is free in the DVD edition.
Issue No 136 November 2006.

  DieSse 22:08 18 Sep 2006

Do not physically destroy your hard drive - that's a terrible waste of resources, and ecologically irresponsible.

A program such as above, or KillDisk click here will be fine to securely erase your data beyond any likelihood of it being recovered.

Theoretically the CIA - NSA - US Dept of Defence - MI5 - MI6 or similar might just possibly be able to get some data back if there were ever a chance that they might want to - but as the possibility of that are a tad remote, there's no need to be so paranoid as to destroy the drive.

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