Disposal of old CD discs

  mick 47 19:55 16 Jun 2005

Dear Colleagues

I have a large number of old cover discs which I now want to dispose off - what is the best 'green' way to do this - putting them into a bin bag just does not seem the right way.

Any advice would be appreciated

Mick Cowan

  mattyc_92 19:58 16 Jun 2005

Well they are mainly plastic, so couldn't you recycle them in the "plastic" bins???

I am probably wrong because they aren't 100% plastic, but you never know....

  Technotiger 20:02 16 Jun 2005

Hi, if you have any Charity shops near you, maybe they would take them off your hands - they could probably sell them on, for a few pence each.


  polymath 21:42 16 Jun 2005

Or use them for something or other? Though coasters and bird scarers are the only bright ideas I've seen! (Do you have gardening neighbours who could use them?)

Personally I find them pretty (especially when held face to face), and don't have the heart to throw them away. (I live in Ireland, and get lots of ISP CDs that are useless to me anyway, being UK-only). I've been threading them on an old, flexible lampstand, and the stack (18" so far) is getting quite sculptural. (I must try lining a box with them and putting a light in it).

Washers? Flooring? Roof tiles? Someone should devise a use for this increasing waste!

  phono 22:10 16 Jun 2005

With the amount of free ISP CDs that are included in magazines it just goes to show how cheap they must be to produce.

  pj123 22:15 16 Jun 2005

Same as Technotiger. Mine all go to the Save the Children charity shop.

  spuds 22:50 16 Jun 2005

Give them to a local infant or primary school, they may have a use for them. You may find that some of the programmes may want a magazine activation code or registration, so bear this in mind.

  GRFT 06:56 17 Jun 2005

Fair enough - but how does one RECYCLE CDs?

  mole44 08:16 17 Jun 2005

i take mine to work and let people help themselves to any they want.

  s99Raj 08:32 17 Jun 2005

Stick 'em all the wall of your bathroom or inside a shower room!

  €dstowe 08:37 17 Jun 2005

I saw an interesting "work of art" table top a few weeks ago made up of chopped CDs/DVDs embedded in clear resin. It was the prototype of a sculpture or something that was being made for the Chelsea Flower Show but I never saw it there.

Despite what it seems, it did look quite good.

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