Displaying "fractions" in browser pages

  grumpy-git 15:30 06 Jan 2010

I've always used ¼ (alt0188) and ½ (alt0189)in titles in my gallery pages, but have only just noticed they no longer display properly.

It's the same in Firefox & IE.

I've noticed odd characters on pages in other web sites before, but did not know what they were.

Is there any way round this or do I have to revert to 1/2 for half an 1/4 for quarter?

Tried a few searches last night, but couldn't make much sense of what I was reading - perhaps somebody could explain in simple terms for me?


  beynac 16:04 06 Jan 2010

You could use the following 'special characters':

1/4 use '¼'
1/2 use '½'
3/4 use '¾'

  beynac 16:06 06 Jan 2010

The code converted when I posted. I'll repeat iy with spaces.

1/3 use '& frac14;'
1/2 use '& frac12;'
3/4 use '& frac34;'

Remove the spaces after the ampersand.

Hope this works!

  grumpy-git 16:54 06 Jan 2010

Thanks beynac.

I'll have a go at that later on. Not sure if I've dozens or hundreds of them to alter. Unfortunately it's not a "search & replace" type of operation to sort this problem.


  grumpy-git 17:35 06 Jan 2010


The above is the character that has replaced my ¼.

I tried & frac14 (without the space) also & # 188 (without spaces) but neither worked.

Then, stupidly I thought at the time, I replaced that character above with my usual "alt 0188" and it worked, the quarter is displayed correctly again.

Just wondering if something funny happened when I changed hosts.

Any ideas how I can search my photo gallery for all occurrences of that character? Entering it in the search field gives no matches.


  grumpy-git 17:38 06 Jan 2010


More about the above character, in IE it is the outline of square, in Firefox it is a white question-mark on a black diamond.


  Eric10 19:52 06 Jan 2010

The final semicolon is an important part of the html codes and they don't work without it.
e.g. & frac14; NOT & frac14

  grumpy-git 21:23 06 Jan 2010

Thanks Eric10, I did try it with the ; but result was the same.

Maybe I'm causing confusion in this, I'm using a Coppermine photo gallery and the fraction is part of the descriptive text, so is not actual .html code.

I also have a phpbb forum which uses fractions & they seem to display correctly. This was also recently transferred to the same host as the gallery.

I looked at the 1/4 fraction on a different computer with Firefox and there were letters within the square, looking like:-


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