Display Size (advice)

  roygbiv 08:40 30 Sep 2003

Please bear with me, limited info. A work collegue of my wife needs help. She has got a problem with her desktop, it has gone to a huge size(2ft* 3ft) she has to scroll around the screen to click on icons to get on the net!. I have gone through right clicking on the desktop and changing the slider (waiting to hear the outcome). Also downloaded Belarc Advisor for her (to see what is what).
Is there any thing else i can advise her ??. (she has win 95 or 98, not sure). Alan

  MAJ 08:48 30 Sep 2003

I had the exact same problem with a mate's computer last week, roygbiv, unfortunately it was the monitor that had died, or rather a little circuit board inside the monitor. It is now getting repaired by another mate who repairs TVs and videos for a living. Advise your friend not to open the Monitor, there are things in there which will kill on contact. I suggest trying a different monitor to confirm that the monitor is the problem.

  roygbiv 08:55 30 Sep 2003

Thanks MAJ. By coincidence another friend rang me, a few weeks ago, with (i presumme) the same thing (havent heard from them). Thanks again.

  roygbiv 13:46 30 Sep 2003


  roygbiv 13:38 02 Oct 2003

Just got more info.
Shes on windows 95, the desktop stays "large" all the time, the icons are "big" as well. once on the internet (after alot of scrolling about,to get the icon) everything seems fine ???.

I told her to run Belarc (whih i gave her on floppy) to get more definate infomation. Alan

  woodchip 13:43 02 Oct 2003

What I think you mean is it is 640x480 You need to load Graphics Drivers you will then be able to change to 800x600 by right click on desktop

  roygbiv 13:52 02 Oct 2003

I will relay the info. (if i remember her system was rebuilt a few months ago. (Me wonders what has happened, during this process?)

  roygbiv 16:44 03 Oct 2003

Some one told me that in win 95 in display properties, there is 2 sliders, 1 = resalotion,1=display size and the display one is set too high.

Any thoughts ????? (is this true(i am on 98+XP)

  alcudia 16:53 03 Oct 2003

The options for resolution and number of colours havn't changed since Win95. You set your screen resolution by dragging a slider, and the number of colours in a drop down list. It's still the same in XP.

If the only options available are 640 x 480 resolution and sixteen colours, there are no drivers loaded. It will be necessary to find out what graphics card, or on-board video this machine has, and download them from the relevant site. (If it is still possible to get hold of graphics drivers for Win95).

  roygbiv 12:31 04 Oct 2003

Sorry, i have come across the 2 sliders, again!!.
The lower of the two sliders is Destop ???? moing it to the left hand side seems to change the size of what you see on the desktop.

  roygbiv 12:35 06 Oct 2003

I recieved a phone call to say that "the lower slider" did change the desktop back to normal.

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