Display showing horizontal lines/pc shutting down

  puma377 01:19 31 Dec 2009

Hi my HP 1050 media centre has suddenly started showing weird horizontal lines on boot up an error message saying windows didnt shut down properly.... then i have options to start normally etc. Other times it will boot up "normally" but the font is huge and then the horizontal lines start to appear then the computer shuts down and restarts, sometimes normally (large font) or the horizontal lines appear and i cant see the screen properly. I tried to change the screen resolution but this results in it shutting down. have reinstalled ATI driver and cleaned inside pc with air duster and tried another monitor with the same problems, I'm no techie, is there a simple solution or is graphics card failing? i havent installed any new software, but downloaded games kept crashing, and desktop icons not so sharp. Please help. Thanks

  The Potter 01:45 31 Dec 2009

I'm just answering because it's late and no one else is - please wait for someone more knowledable.

In the mean time - take the graphics card out (on the assumtion you have one); how does the PC start then?

Maybe useful to mention which OS you are using, which graphics care and which games fail? Along with speed and memory hey?


  The Potter 01:47 31 Dec 2009

NB: I'm no techie either! Put the graphics card back in if removing it freeks you out!

  L_Driver 17:30 31 Dec 2009

This ocurred on my desktop system 6 months or so ago. Graphics card in my case needed replaced. Got a similar card to that I prev installed 6-7 years back. Prob sorted. New card was about £35 or so from Amazon.You can identify your graphics card from within Device Manager. PS I cannot state for certain this is the issue with your system !

  puma377 23:17 31 Dec 2009

sorry, this would have helped:
Memory 2 g ram
windows xp SP3
graphics ati 600 series
dont know the speed, the comp is about 5-6 years old
Sims 3 and some online games have crashed
Cant get any specs out of the computer as it crashes after about 5 minutes.

I dont know what a graphics card looks like or where to find it sorry. Any ideas about which would be a good card to replace it with if it has to be done? I would like to get a decent replacement that doesnt cost the earth if poss. Thanks for your help

  User-312386 02:18 01 Jan 2010

Happy new year. I think its your graphics card overheating, it sounds like the fan is not cooling the gpu, what you need to do is take the case off, remove the graphics card and clean the fan of dust. Also while doing this give the case and all fans a good clean. Ensure the power is switched off and the plug removed.

  puma377 17:50 03 Jan 2010

I did take off the cover, thoroughly cleaned inside and the fans and even removed and replaced the cards inside (not sure which one was the graphics card so did them all) but the computer still shuts down if i try to change the screen resolution, or play any of the wild tangent games loaded on my computer. I think the card with the WinTv socket is the graphics card, if the graphics card does need replacing which one should i replace it with?

  ame 23:33 03 Jan 2010

Your monitor will probably be plugged into your ATI graphics card socket - hence you know what card is the graphics card - probably an AGP type, rather than the newer PCI Express type?. Is there not another monitor socket at the back of the PC to try it with? There will surely be another similar monitor socket connected to the main pc motherboard which will give you basic graphics, will there not? If so, try that. You can analyse what hardware parts and software your computer has using the free (and safe) Belarc Advisor from here:- click here

  ame 23:40 03 Jan 2010

Do not muck around inside your pc without first switching it off, disconnecting the power cable, then pushing the off button again (important!), then grounding yourself by touching the computer chassis bare metal and an earth point in your house - e.g. sink, bare metal part of radiator, etc. Otherwise you can get a nasty electrical shock and/or damage the pc.

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