Display resolutions

  perplexed user 01:29 19 Oct 2010

General question here, If I was using using for instance Google Maps or similar is the inability to zoom in to high resolution down to the display or dowm to a limit placed on the resolution by Google. For view scanned photos in high detail and for zooming in of Google maps would I be better served by a hi res display and what would be a good buy should I need to go down that route?

  Terry Brown 07:52 19 Oct 2010

I would say that it is down to the graphics card and software. what is your screen resolution.

Recommend 1024x768, with the colour quality set to highest (normally 32 bit).

To access control.

From Desktop, right click on an empty space, select properties, and adjust settings as required.

  perplexed user 08:29 19 Oct 2010

Thanks Terry,
I understood all that but is that the limitation of say Google maps, what if I had a very high resolution monitor not a normal PC type set to highest quality and 1024 x 768 for instance but a display manufactured to do this kind of stuff would the limitation on say a paper photgraph or Google be better?

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