Display Problems - Please help if can

  rods 10:33 07 Apr 2005


I have searched the forum for my problem, i have seen similar problems but not to the same nature as mine, so i appologise in advance if this has been discussed a million times before.

My spec as follows:-

Windows XP, Windows XP Service Pack 2.
Radeon 9800 pro G.card (latest drivers 5.3)
Athlon XP 3000 processor.
1 gig ram.

My problem is my display, quite hard to explain but basically my comp starts up with all strange patterns on the screen, when loads to the desktop there is all colored patterns and shadows of programs that i opened and shut down on previous boot. Basically i cant do anything with it whilst its like this.

I have removed drivers and reinstalled, i have taken my graphics card out and reseated and even when start in safe mode the screen is all garbled.

I have tried my monitor and my dad's computer and is fine.

I can only think it is my G.Card but ive only had that about 7 months if not that my monitor which at a guess is about 3 years old.

Im at work at the moment so any replies would be helpful so i can try them when i get home.

Many Thanks

  Yoda Knight 10:35 07 Apr 2005

try ur graphics card in ur dads machine. if the problem persists then u know what the cause is

  gudgulf 10:42 07 Apr 2005

If you can try the graphics card in your dad's computer too.That would rule out the monitor and graphics card.It's not unknown for a graphics card to fail so soon but for it to display things from the previous boot is a bit odd to say the least.

Before you try anything else check the card in another pc!.I'll have a look on Google in the meantime and see if anyone else has had a similar problem.

  rods 11:09 07 Apr 2005

Thanks guys, i will try the g.card on my dads comp tonight if possible, as he uses it often for work may have to hold that till the weekend.

Its such a strange problem, because if i restart after about the 7th time, it loads up clear then say i click the start menu bar and then click back on the desktop it leaves an outline of the start bar still on the desktop! and if i start a game i.e half life 2 it is choppy as hell and you cant see anything clearly.

my computer was working fine by the way, the problems have started mainly from last night and i have not changed any setting or installed anything to make this occur.


  DieSse 13:31 07 Apr 2005

Ot does sound a lot like a memory problem on the graphics card. As above, the way to check it is to try it in another machine. Also try just removing it from it's slot and refitting it - just in case of poor contacts.

  rods 13:45 07 Apr 2005

Yeah i get a feeling its my g.card ive tried removing it and clearing all the dust etc, it was like a desert in there! and refitted, but still the same outcome.

I will try in my dads comp tonight if poss.


  woodchip 13:52 07 Apr 2005

Try this, when you have started your computer if you can get to the Start/Run type MSCONFIG press enter and go to startup tab and remove any ticked boxes that you are not sure of. You can do the above in Safe Mode also by keep pressing F8 as computer starts

  rods 14:07 07 Apr 2005

I already know what is running on start up, i check that pretty regular and i know what each item is, but thanks woodchip

  gudgulf 14:17 07 Apr 2005

If the graphics card checks out ok you could try a system restore to before the problem occurred.This wont do any good if it's a hardware problem but is certainly worth trying.

  woodchip 15:31 07 Apr 2005

Does the above happen in safe mode

  rods 16:54 07 Apr 2005

If you mean the garbled screens etc, yes it does happen in safe mode, so i know it isnt a driver problem because safe mode doesnt load drivers, does it?

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