Display Problems - Please Help!!

  kingkenny 09:59 03 Jan 2003
  kingkenny 09:59 03 Jan 2003

Hi all,

Happy new year!
I have Windows XP and a Geforce4 MX440 64mb Graphics card. the system crashed and restarted in the lowest resolution and 4bit (16 colours) and won't reset. It stated that the diplay drivers may have been responsible. I did a system restore and it failed to solve it. I reinstalled the display driver and it didn't solve the issue either. To make matters worse I think I disabled the device adaptor in Advanced Display properties under Settings. I now have just a black screen!!!!!! Windows starts with the logo and then it goes black. I press the mouse button and the windows sound come on but no display.

I can't get the PC to start in Safe mode as it goes through a list and then just freezes. I have tried booting from the C drive with the windows disk but no luck!!

Can anyone please help me? Not a good start to the year!! If any more info needed, I will provide it

Please Help!!!!


Kingkenny - not feeling too king like!!

I would have thought that starting in safe mode will have resolved this as you will not be loading the drivers which I think are the problem. If however you have done this and it has not worked (freezes) and you say that you may have disabled the adaptor (probably why its freezing) the system is not seeing any display adaptor to use and hence black screen.

Just a wild idea that may work =

Have you another Graphics card available? If yes, try installing this and rebooting - the machine should pick up the "new" adaptor and load basic drivers to get you back into the system. Once there you can delete all the display drives for the Gforce 4 card completely (Use the software on the Nvida site for this), reinstall the Gforce Card and reboot and install the drivers when asked.

Fingers crossed it should work!

  kingkenny 10:40 03 Jan 2003

What sort of software would be needed to remove this information?

I think I should be able to get my hands on one to use!

I thought about just starting over and reinstalling windows but that will wipe everything on my drive won't it?

I tried the repair function by using the disk but it loaded files and then didn't solve the problem.

I will try your suggestion, sounds a 'wild' one indeed

  kingkenny 10:41 03 Jan 2003

Oh, and thanks for the help, sorry forgot to say that in the last response!

Note: It is highly recommended that you follow the steps in this section to
completely uninstall the NVIDIA Display Driver software before
installing a new version of the software.
To uninstall the NVIDIA Display Driver software, follow these steps:
1 From the Windows taskbar, click Start > Settings > Control Panel to open
the Control Panel windows.
2 Double click the Add/Remove Programs item.
3 Click the NVIDIA Windows Display Drivers item from the list.
4 Click Change/Remove.
5 Click Yes to continue.
Note: A prompt appears asking whether you want to delete all of the saved
nView profiles.
If you click Yes, all of the nView software and all of your saved
profiles will be deleted.
If you click No, the nView software is removed, but the profile files
are saved in the Windows\nView directory on your hard disk.
Your system now restarts.

  jazzypop 11:33 03 Jan 2003

You have my deepest sympathies. Just before Xmas, I found myself in a similar position. No amount of encouragement using the various bootup options (such as last known good configuration, repair, recovery console etc) worked.

Eventually, after trying replacement graphics cards without success, I removed the original C: drive, installed XP to another (spare) drive, reinstalled my original C: drive as a slave, and copied off the data that had not yet been backed up.

I then formatted and and reinstalled XP to my original C: drive, restored my backups, and finally copied the extra data across from the spare HD, which had now become the slave.

I can't afford to have even more of my hair turn grey!

  kingkenny 11:37 03 Jan 2003

When the systems freezes on start at safe mode is it not to do with the basic windows vga driver (vga.sys) Is there anyway to enable this file in the command prompt - like cmd/ ....

I think that is causing the freeze. Would this not have been the one that was disabled when I stupidly altered the settings in Display/Settings/advanced?

The default microsoft VGA driver should be used in safe mode but it may be that that I have disabled. Can you suggest anything? could I erase this file and then use the repair console to install it again?

  kingkenny 11:48 03 Jan 2003

Jazzypop, thanks for responding

That came to my mind but I was worried that the windows information on the old drive would annoy the new drive info even if it was set as slave.

I take it you had to install the drives on the same cable and set the new one as master?

What size of drive did you go for to solve the problem? I was thinking of a 10 or 20GB drive!

I want to try the graphics card thing but can you give me a more detailed rundown on how to do that? sorry, but just want to make sure!!

Can you then copy whole programs files across like MOHAA, and AOL for example?

  woodchip 11:49 03 Jan 2003

Not familiar with XP but if you created a rescue disc try boot with it and then type

sys c:

at command prompt press enter

  kingkenny 15:48 03 Jan 2003

Jazzypop are you out there still?

Can anyone suggest anything else?

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