Display problems

  Octoz 13:43 18 Feb 2003

WIN98SE clean install, display options stuck at lowest setting, tried installing different drivers no change. Can't install progz as minimum resolution is usually 800X600.Can't access internet at home(can't install NTL broadband due to display problems)
Was working fine until installation of new HDD.
System is P111 550Mhz, AGP 64 onboard graphics 256 RAM (Tiny)MOBO unknown.
Any ideas?

  L.H.F 13:51 18 Feb 2003

try installin old drivers then new ones over them - some drivers r dependant on old ones, plus i would upgrade ur op sys

good luk!!!

  stlucia 14:02 18 Feb 2003

Is Windows installing/reading the correct driver? Try to install again, but don't let Windows select a driver -- try clicking on the "have disk" option and then let it select from the driver CD that came with the monitor. In one case I had to browse and select the driver manually because Windows 98SE kept selecting the wrong one from the manufacturer's CD.

  oglemire 14:12 18 Feb 2003

does your monitor support the resolution and settings that you are trying to apply

  Djohn 14:38 18 Feb 2003

Need more info on type/size of monitor and graphics card.

But to start with try the following.

1) Control panel/display/settings/advanced, and then click on monitor/change, and choose *let me select my own driver*. If you have a driver, then insert it, or select display all monitors and choose your monitor from the drop down list.

If your monitor is not offered, then select *Plug & Play. Once you have done that then move on to step two.

2)Follow the steps outlined above but this time click on select display adaptor, then change, next, and *Search for a better driver*. At this point put your driver in to the correct slot and click on install.

If you do not have a driver just follow the instructions on screen and let windows look for one.

Whatever it comes up with, you will see a drop down menu,at this point choose *optimal* as your setting, re-boot, and back to control panel, select display and you should now be able to move the slider to the resolution you want. J.

  Octoz 15:26 18 Feb 2003

Thanks Djohn. The monitor is part of a Tiny bundle, I don't know the manufacturer but have serial number.(M- T7F22)
Graphics card is onboard AGP 64.
Monitor is capable of 1024X 1048 SVGA

  Djohn 15:36 18 Feb 2003

Can't find the make of your monitor, but *plug and play* should be OK. The driver for your graphics card will be on the Motherboard driver CD. Try what I have suggested and it should be fine, if not post back on same thread and someone will have the answer. J.

  woodchip 15:49 18 Feb 2003

Instead of plug and play, choose a generic monitor SVGA 1024X 1048 click apply and reboot you should then be able to change the settings. HOPEFULLY!

  Djohn 16:00 18 Feb 2003

woodchip, sorry, you are correct, memory is failing fast. :o(

Now what was the original question?..........

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