Display Problems...

  kissorkillx 20:58 16 Jan 2008

Recently, all display has completely vanished from my monitor, however it still comes off standby when I turn on the PC.

I was told that this could be the graphics card, so I bought and installed a brand new one, however that doesn't seem to have worked. It can't be the cable or monitor because I have tried hooking them up to a friends laptop and it works absolutely fine.

Any ideas?

Many thanks.


  kissorkillx 21:08 16 Jan 2008


My previous graphics card didn't require a connection to the power supply, only the motherboard. My new one does, however, so perhaps I haven't connected the cables correctly?

  harps1h 21:19 16 Jan 2008

is it your psu? it could be failing or is not powerful enough

  kissorkillx 21:29 16 Jan 2008

I wouldn't have thought so, it's powering everything else just fine... Plus I have a Hiper Type R 480W

  mrwoowoo 21:35 16 Jan 2008

You can only really plug it in one way and to one connection so if it fits it should be ok.
The clue is that it is the same as with the other card so i would try and connect another monitor up to see if it's that.

  kissorkillx 21:40 16 Jan 2008

The monitor works with other computers and my previous graphics card didn't need to be hooked up the power supply... =(

Thanks for your suggestions so far!

  mrwoowoo 21:41 16 Jan 2008

what card is it and is it agp or pcie?

  kissorkillx 21:41 16 Jan 2008

I've fiddled around with the cables I have, trying different combinations but none of them have worked yet.

  kissorkillx 21:44 16 Jan 2008


My first one was a something ATI Radeon 512MB something or other. My new one is a Sapphire ATI RadeonX 1650 Pro

  kissorkillx 21:45 16 Jan 2008

256MB GDDR3...It was just something I picked up from PC World to see if it was the graphics card that was faulty.

  SANTOS7 22:03 16 Jan 2008

I think its PSU issue, power consumption for this card idle is about 140W and loaded 200w. I would say your PSU therefore not big enough...

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