Display Problem. PC Boots in VGA

  alcudia 08:22 11 Sep 2003

Twice in the past six weeks my WinME machine has had some sort of display problem. When it starts up only half the desktop is visible. The bottom half is just black. When I restart all I get is a flashing red dot in the top left corner of the screen. Restarting again puts the machine into vga. On both occassions removing in device manager and restarting has fixed it. While once could be seen as just one of those things, twice perhaps indicates a potential problem. The card is an Nvidia Gforce 2 AGP. There has also been the odd occassion when, instead of the desktop, all I get is bright clear screen. But when this happens there is no problem on restart.

Could I please have some advice as to whether this could be either a driver or hardware problem. I plan to move this PC to XP over the Xmas break when I'll have the time to do it. I intend to re-format and start with a clean machine. This will replace the driver anyway. But if the card is one the way out (I'ts two years old) I will need to replace it.

Any help gratefully received.

  seedie 08:33 11 Sep 2003

Hve you taken the card out and re-seated it?

  alcudia 08:45 11 Sep 2003

No, but had a look. seems to be in ok. Might try that though.

  graham√ 09:57 11 Sep 2003

Is there another video out from the motherboard? May be at the side of the mouse socket. If there is and you get a good display it means the card or driver are failing.

  keith-236785 10:04 11 Sep 2003

just try the graphic card in a different PCI slot if one is available, just taking out and putting back can solve a bad connection problem.

try not to touch the card components, handle the card by the edges only to avoid damaging the card.

  alcudia 10:38 11 Sep 2003

Sorry, no alternative v-out. The card is an AGP so no other slot is available. I think I will have to go with this until I can install the XP upgrade. If this dosn't cure it I will get another card. If I still have problems then it must be the motherboard.
Good job I enjoy a challenge.
Thanks for your thoughts.

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