Display problem

  Peachy boy 18:47 22 Aug 2007

Hi I was using my pc about 2 hours ago and all was good I turned it off and when I turned it back on windows boot up back after the welcome screen there is no desktop just a cursor in the middle of the screen so I restarted the pc and went into safe mode wich all works fine but I have triedmultiple time and cant run the pc in normal windows Any help appreciated Alan

  woodchip 18:50 22 Aug 2007

In Safe Mode run System Restore to a earlier Date

  Peachy boy 19:04 22 Aug 2007

I went back to points both of wich were today but still no display

  woodchip 20:51 22 Aug 2007

In safe mode, Go to Start\Run type MSCONFIG press enter. Now write down all the things having a Tick under Startup Tab. Remove Items that may be stopping it. If you still cannot get to windows put the tick back until you find the one if any that is doing it

  pj1664 21:01 22 Aug 2007

I wonder if anyone can point me to the right direction to obtain a service menual for the above laptop. I have gone to google and done a search and all i get is a user menual. I am trying to find out how to open up this perticular model because the power point jack is loose plus half the screen functions and not the bottom half has no dteails - just blank. I have connected the laptop to another screen and the full screen comes up, so I gather the actual screen may need replacing (I think). So if anyone knows whrer I could get hold of a service menual, would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  pj1664 21:03 22 Aug 2007

Sorry ignor the last posting, I was trying to start another thread but somehow it got in with this thread, sorry.

  Peachy boy 22:22 22 Aug 2007

its got worse i cant get a display in safe mode either now

  woodchip 22:27 22 Aug 2007

Sounds like the Graphics card, take the Side of the Comp and check to see if the Graphics as a Fan, and it's turning. You could also try refitting the card it may have worked out a bit with heat. Turn Power off at wall to do above

  woodchip 22:29 22 Aug 2007

PS also PSU can give these symptoms. As in safe mode there would be less demands on the PSU

  Peachy boy 22:41 22 Aug 2007

its got worse i cant get a display in safe mode either now i tryed takeing the gpu out but no success

  woodchip 22:49 22 Aug 2007

Try disconnecting the hard drive cable see if it shows a DOS screen when you boot. Like Text to Enter Setup Press xxxx

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