display problem

  paul_allard 18:46 17 Mar 2007

I've just been given a Compaq Presario 5441 but, when I switch it on, the monitor light stays orange for about 5 minutes then goes green with the following message : If you can read this message, Windows has successfully initialised this display adapter. To use this adapter as part of your Windows Desktop, open the Display option in the Control Panel and adjust the settings on the Settings tab.

And then it hangs. Can't get to Windows to do any adjusting. The same happens on all monitors that I've tried.

Any advice ?

  Diodorus Siculus 18:48 17 Mar 2007

How far into the startup does this appear?

Try starting in either safe mode or VGA mode - press F5 at boot up till a menu appears.

  paul_allard 19:03 17 Mar 2007

I don't get any display at all apart from what I put in earlier : no evidence of boot up although I can hear the computer making all the right noises.
When I press F5, I don't even get the display message that I got earlier.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:10 17 Mar 2007

Check that the graphics card is seated correctly.

Do you have another graphics card that you can try?

  paul_allard 19:13 17 Mar 2007

Not sure how I would know which is the graphics card, let alone if it's seated properly. As it's an old computer, it may just have been jostled while transported. I'll let it "settle", open it up and have a quick look and try again tomorrow perhaps.

  woodchip 19:15 17 Mar 2007

Try starting in Safe mode it should get into that, Tpping F8 as computer starts top of list. Then in safe mode see if it will let you setup the Graphics card

  Diodorus Siculus 19:20 17 Mar 2007

The graphics card is the bit that the monitor connects to - it may be part of the motherboard (onboard graphics) or standalone.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:22 17 Mar 2007

Should have added, if standalone, you can try to reseat it - if built in then y7ou can't do much.

  paul_allard 16:26 18 Mar 2007

Problem solved ! Thanks for your help, one and all. I found a second socket at the back of the computer which must lead to the graphics card.

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