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  Adam Harris 19:41 22 Feb 2006


I know I will kick myself when this is answered...

I have recently acquired a second hand PC, and as it was full of gunk I formatted the disk and did a clean install of Win 98SE. My problem is that the screen resolution is stuck at 640x480, and I am unable to change it.

I downloaded the driver file for the monitor, but this hasn't changed anything...

Please help me out here - what do I need to do?

Monitor: sony trinitron multiscan 100ES
Machine: unknown
Processor: AMD K6 2/400
RAM: 196 Mb
Graphics Card: unknown
OS: Win 98SE

Whilst reading this, if anyone can tell me how I find out what graphic/sound cards I have from within Windows I would be extremely grateful.


  rmcqua 19:46 22 Feb 2006

When you say that you are unable to change the resolution, do you mean that when you go into display > settings, 640 x 480 is the only option given to you?

  Eric10 19:48 22 Feb 2006

It's the graphics card driver that you need. Belarc Advisor may help you to identify it. click here.

  Adam Harris 19:50 22 Feb 2006


Yes, that is what I mean...no other options available. I remember I had the same problem on a Pentium III machine, but an upgrade from Intel resolved that.

AMD is a new thing for me, and I would rather be pointed in the right direction than hunt about in the dark for ages...


  Adam Harris 19:54 22 Feb 2006

Hi Eric,

Thanks for that - the advisor will identify all the missing stuff for me? If so I will give it a try. Is it necessary for the machine to be online, as it isn't, and I wanted to keep it for an offline machine.

Thanks anyway,

  Eric10 20:00 22 Feb 2006

Can you download it on another PC? The setup is only about 850Kb so will fit onto a floppy. On a PC with everything installed ok it reports on all the hardware that is present. I've never tried it with unknown hardware but it's worth giving it a try. It certainly won't harm anything.

  rmcqua 20:05 22 Feb 2006

Yes, that's it. When you manage to identify your graphics card with Belarc, then download and install the proper driver, I'm pretty sure that your problem will be resolved.

  Adam Harris 20:06 22 Feb 2006


Sorry what I meant was that I am online with thsi machine, and have downloaded the app. I don't want the other machine online, and wondered if the app woould report correctly...clearly it will.

I will let you know how I get on.


  woodchip 20:17 22 Feb 2006

As above you need the correct Graphics card Drivers, if you right click my computer\properties\device manager look at what type of display adapter that windows sees download drivers for that and double click the download or look for a setup file in the download, you may have to unzip the download

  Adam Harris 20:56 22 Feb 2006

Hi Woodchip,

Done that, and it doesn't tell me much:

Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA)

I remember on my PIII I had the same result, but managed to locate an upgrade.

What I do know is that when this machine was running earlier (before the reformat) the resolution was 1024x768, and more than 16 colours.

Can you you offer further help (I haven't run Belarc yet)


  surfsteruk 21:01 22 Feb 2006

Your first task is to install and run Belarc advisor which should tell you the make/model of your graphics processor.

Once you have the info, its just a case of googling for the drivers and you should be sorted.

I'm assuming that its on-Board graphics here. Can you confirm this?

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