Display hymns etc in church

  johnincrete 07:14 27 Dec 2010

Many churches display the words of hymns on large screens. I'm trying to find the software they use. I've tried all sorts of Google searches but I don't seem to get the right words.
The sort of thing I'm looking for will either hold the full words of hymns or links to text files. There needs to be some sort of index that allows select & display hymn quickly.
If you go to a church that uses such software, can you ask what it is please.
I'm aware that I could use PowerPoint but it would be difficult with, say, 200 hymns.

  stlucia 08:31 27 Dec 2010

There's some info here that might help.

  gengiscant 09:37 27 Dec 2010

Anything here? click here

  bremner 09:37 27 Dec 2010
  Salut 09:45 27 Dec 2010

We use PowerPoint for words that have been copied in from a digital hymnbook (paid for version). A projector connected to the laptop does the hard work...

There are a number of sources out there. Some are free, others are paid versions. Try a search with the words 'Digital Hymnbook'- or even a search with the opening lines of a hymn can reveal other sources. Denominational regional/central offices are also an excellent source of information.

Do not forget to ensure that your PPL license is up dated to cover the use of projected words.

  AroundAgain 09:47 27 Dec 2010

Intrigued myself, I just tried Google using 'presentation software church'.

First on the list was click here and it looks the similar/same as used at the church I go to. It's a free download, so perhaps worth a try?

Hope this helps you go make some progress

Good luck and Happy New Year

  Woolwell 10:25 27 Dec 2010

We use SongPro click here which is fairly easy and straightforward to use.

There is also Presentation Manager click here and Easyworship click here

  Woolwell 10:27 27 Dec 2010

A digital hymnbook tends to be a replacement for an organist.

  Woolwell 10:30 27 Dec 2010

To pick up on Salut's point - you cannot run SongPro without a CCLI number (the copyright licence). If your requirement is for Crete then you need to check whether it will work there.

  johnincrete 13:40 27 Dec 2010

A lot of research to do!
My first step is to contact the licence issuers to see if they are valid in Greece.
(In my Googles, I did not think to use "presentation software")
My first glances at the software is that it may be too complicated but I'll plod on.

  Woolwell 22:16 27 Dec 2010

SongPro isn't complicated. There is a good index of the database.

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