Display funny.

  Stowit 16:32 11 Nov 2004

A new DVD drive, never played them (although could read & list the contents) despite some codecs & several different software players. I then discovered I wasn't using the correct driver for the via onboard graphics. Low & behold Dvds worked with no sound. A few weeks later, somehow in the frenzie of installing / removing different players & buggering about to try them & resolve the DVD issue (to no avail) my display colours have gone all washed out, almost black & white - greeny blue for any mpegs & DVDs - but only for movies. On Win media player or my Nero But now I get sound. I've tried reinstaling drivers, troubleshooter & restore, but have run out of ideas without any progress.

  Stowit 00:21 13 Nov 2004

Any suggestions at all?

  hugh-265156 00:40 13 Nov 2004

what dvd software are you using and what version of windows please?

  Stowit 00:11 14 Nov 2004

Thanks huggyg71, I thought I was being shunned! I'm using XP pro & I've been trying to play it on windows media or Nero showtime. All the colours are wrong on any 'movie'(mpegs or DVDs yet not jpegs or any other image files). Sonic CinePlayer was the other player I've installed removed, reinstalled etc & managed to bugger things up with.

  hugh-265156 00:44 14 Nov 2004

im not sure sorry, i use nero6 but use powerdvd to play dvds. i would remove all your other dvd software and update nero if thats what you are using. is nero up to date? click here

try updating your graphics card drivers also maybe. ati click here nvidia click here

check your codecs required to play the file you want are installed using Gspot, it will tell you click here

  THE TERMINATOR 01:22 14 Nov 2004

I'd do a system restore and get your display right, before I start messing around trying to play DVD's. Nero showtime should play DVD's with no probs. Your problem is your video/audio. If this was ok b4 you messed things up a bit, then if you restore to that time then those capabilities should come back. The best player for DVD is Power DVD by CyberLink, but you can also get one from click here . In my opinion it would be a good idea to uninstall all the DVD software you have tried, as the codecs may be conflicting, then do the System Restore get your system back as it was and install your DVD player if you want.

  Stowit 13:58 17 Nov 2004

Sorry chaps a plumbing nightmare had taken over my life! I've now done all available Nero updates & the only change are, Nero is the default player, Media player still in B/W, & Nero won't now play from DVD giving two messages....... Bla, Bla cant play Dolby 5.1 (used to say can't play 2 channel Dolby) & do you want to resume playback from the same point. Reply 'yes' Pc then freezes, no & it plays the 'intro' audio with interferance, but no video what-so-ever. I'd tried a system restore in all me messing - to no avail. I'll try again if there are no other Silver bullets to resolve this. Oh also ran G Spot ( despite the link I struggled to find this!!!), & it shows a list of codecs, but I'm none the wiser if there's any I should delete/dont need.

  Stowit 15:05 17 Nov 2004

I've now restored & am back with 'video' (correcct colours) but no audio on DVDs (ok on Mpegs). I'm just going to load the Nero updates again. Look on the bright side my leak repair seems to be holding! I'm no electrician, no plumber, but get by. As for Pc related things................

  Stowit 11:49 18 Nov 2004

Thanks for the advice, I'll see if you have any further jems, then I'll re-post with my current/original problem. I re-installed all the Nero updates & in showcase get pictures no sound (pre updates), sound but no pictures (post updates), vice versa (p no s) with Windows media player (both pre & post updates) Mpegs on media are correct & everything has good colour !?!?

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