Display freezes when playing World of Warcraft

  RD9 21:12 12 Sep 2010

This is a really bizarre problem.
I am a WoW addict, have just returned from holiday and was itching to spend a couple of hours playing. Logged on successfully but after about 2 minutes my display turned to green & red & all the text was obliterated. I tried a WoW repair but it made no difference. My display is usually perfect.
The bizarre thing is that this only happens when I go away & my computer is switched off for more than 24 hours.
Does anyone have any suggestions as I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms?!

  Ian in Northampton 15:21 13 Sep 2010

I know this sounds a bit obvious - but have you checked that the VGA cable is firmly connected? If you're just seeing green and red, that sounds like your screen isn't getting blue - which would tend to suggest a loose cable.

Does the problem affect only WoW, or other things on the PC?

  RD9 00:55 14 Sep 2010

Yes, I have checked my VGA cable, even though WoW is the only thing affected. It is firmly connected at both ends.

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