Display clicks on and off

  thirlmere 22:23 01 Apr 2003

Shortly after booting up the display will repeatedly click off and on. Eventually after about 1 hour or so it will settle down. Ocassionally it will start clicking on and off again.

Any suggestions??

  pc moron 00:13 02 Apr 2003

Please provide more info about PC.

Which OS?

It could be hibernation that's causing the problem, but it's more likely a fault with the monitor or graphics card.

  Djohn 00:34 02 Apr 2003

Diesse should be about soon, and he will give you the correct description of what is most likely happening, but until then, it sounds like the thingy in the monitor that handles the high tension bit of the switching to put the display on your screen.

It's not working properly! :o)

  thirlmere 22:01 03 Apr 2003

The computer is a Medion MultiMedia PC Mocro ATX tower, Intel Pentium III processor operating Windows 98. The monitor is a Medion 1772ie 17" flat square CRT colour monitor and the graphics is an AGP 3D graphic controller with 16 MB NVidia Riva TNT.

Hope this helps in your diagnosis.

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