display adaptor problem

  Kane_D 13:03 19 Jan 2011


i recently installed a new hard drive and did a brand new install of windows xp. everything went ok with installing other drivers but with the display adaptor one i have a problem.

if i disable it, then the whole system is 'laggy' - even clicking the down arrow to scroll a web page for example, makes it really juddery.

if however enable it, the system runs as i expect it to but with the massive problem of instead of the mouse cursor being an arrow, it's now replaced by this square of white noise which is just as irritating!

disable the display adaptor and the mouse returns to normal but the 'lagginess' returns.

i consider myself quite competent but this is driving me mad now.

can anyone help please?

  GaT7 13:35 19 Jan 2011

The next time you enable the display adapter, go into Control Panel > Mouse > Pointers > make changes to suit you & click on Apply.

Is there any change for the better? If yes, reboot to check if the correct settings (mouse pointer & enabled graphics) have been retained.

If it doesn't help, tell us your graphics card / onboard graphics make & model, & also its present driver version. G

  KanedAndUnable 17:38 19 Jan 2011


i've checked the mouse settings, all is ok. even after after a reboot.

my current graphics card is a VIA Chrome9 HC IGP Family from S3 Graphics Co. Ltd

Driver version is

even did a complete new installation of windows this afternoon as i didn't have much stored on it either and still no different.

thanks in advance for any help

  GaT7 17:50 19 Jan 2011

That driver is a bit outdated.

Try the latest ones from the developer's website (VIA) click here.

Also download other drivers if you're offered them - i.e. when you choose the scan option. G

  KanedAndUnable 18:20 19 Jan 2011

when i go on the VIA website, the scan says the driver is ok but yet if i select the driver manually there are half a dozen Chrome9 HC variations, none of which seem to apply to mine.
tried downloading one of them just to test but the installer failed. the thing that i'm confused by is that before my new HD getting installed everything was ok. maybe i should have made a note of which driver version it was.

  GaT7 18:31 19 Jan 2011

Is your system a branded one - like HP, Dell, Acer?

If yes, what's its exact model number?

If it's HP, try the ones at click here - click on the 'External Download Mirror 1' link. G

  KanedAndUnable 18:32 19 Jan 2011

unfortunately, it's custom built :-(

  GaT7 18:36 19 Jan 2011

OK, then the motherboard make & model will be helpful - If you don't know, use the free version of SIW click here (scroll down) to find out. G

  KanedAndUnable 13:31 21 Jan 2011

sorry for the late response.

this is the information from SIW for the motherboard (and CPU)

Property Value
Manufacturer Winfast
Model K8M890-8237
Serial Number WY9V62907006

North Bridge VIA K8M890CE Revision 00
South Bridge VIA VT8237 Revision 00

CPU AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3500+
Cpu Socket Socket AM2 (940)

System Slots 4 PCI, 1 AGP

Memory Summary
Maximum Capacity 16384 MBytes
Maximum Memory Module Size 4096 MBytes
Memory Slots 4
Error Correction None

  GaT7 13:52 21 Jan 2011

click here & make these selections:

Microsoft Windows
Windows XP
Integrated Graphics
K8M890CE/K8N890CE Chrome9

Set a System Restore (SR) point before installing it - click here for instructions if needed.

While you're there also download your motherboard's chipset drivers from the same link. As above, but for Step 3 select 'Hyperion Pro (4in1) chipset drivers' & download version 5.24A. Again, set a SR point before installing it. G

  KanedAndUnable 12:59 31 Jan 2011

been away for a while but tried the above and all is working brilliantly now!!

thanks for all your help :-)


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