Display adapter - only 16 colors

  algernonymous 17:44 12 Feb 2006

I can't change colors higher than 16, nor resolution higher than 640x480. I've got the monitor adapter (Philips 150S) and the display adapter is shown as Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA)- as recommended by Windows. I've run Belarc to try and find the graphics card but it came back with 'Standard PCI Graphics Adapter VGA'. ?

  Skyver 17:48 12 Feb 2006

You'll get more information from this; click here

  jimv7 17:50 12 Feb 2006

You need ti install the drivers for your graphic card, be it stand alone or onboard, if its on board the drivers will be on your motherboard cd driver disk.

If its a stand alone 1, you will need to find wichc 1 to download the drives provided you do not have th cd.

If your comfortable taking the side off the computer, you should be able to find which card it is.

  Diemmess 18:01 12 Feb 2006

Download Everest as jimv7 suggests.
You are looking for what Graphics card you actually have, not what your computer assumes it is.

  algernonymous 18:01 12 Feb 2006

Thanks Skyver, didn't realise there was still a free download of everest available.

  algernonymous 18:21 12 Feb 2006

Right, its come back with SiS 86C326. Wheres the best driver site? (preferably without registration if poss- its a lazy sunday)

  Belatucadrus 19:13 12 Feb 2006

SiS 86C326 isn't going to help as you can see from here click here it's a soundcard driver. If SystemSpec click here or belarc click here can't identify it, open the case and have a look at the card see if there's anything on it. Then have a browse through here click here

  Skyver 19:20 12 Feb 2006

Try here ; click here
Windows 98SE
Same as 6326 apparently

  Skyver 19:22 12 Feb 2006

Or here if the card is actually manufactured by S3
click here

  dipoles 19:26 12 Feb 2006

This symbol has disappeared from my Sony Vaio laptop. Any suggestions how to reprogramme it back in?

  Skyver 19:29 12 Feb 2006

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