Disks wont work in floppy drive..help please

  bof:) 00:47 03 Oct 2006

Hi all, been asked by family member if I have any spare loppy disks, I have so I format them using XP (fat32) and give them to family member.

Later I got a phone call saying they had tried to format one of the disks I'd done for them but got an error message saying it could not be done.

I went round and tried to format a floppy disk and it showed it was doing it fat32 also but it would not format.

Having unsuccessfully tried 5 floppy disks I tried to do a chkdisk on one of them but after 20 minutes it was still showing phase 2 so I stopped it.

Also disks faild to open if you clicked on A-drive/open

Every time the A-drive was used the gren light stopped on all of the time.

Has anyone any idea why the disks could not be formated or copied to?


  AndySD 05:29 03 Oct 2006

Can you try them in another PC, if they work then the floppy drive may have failed.

  bof:) 09:14 03 Oct 2006

Hi AndySd, good idea I'll give it a try.



  Grantrh 10:13 03 Oct 2006

I would say either the floppy drive is broken or is not connected correctly to the motherboard inside the PC.

  bjh 10:23 03 Oct 2006

Lots of floppy disk drives suffer from mild misalignment - they will format & read a disk that they have used before, but pass it over to another floppy, and it will throw up errors - even though it can still use disks that it has written to before. Ie, A will read disks that A has written, and B will do the same for B's disks. Swap a disk from A to B, and you sometimes have problems.

There is a freqient fault whereby the switch that recognises a disk has been inserted gets broken, and the heads frequently suffer damage.

Floppy drives do just wear out, get dirty inside, or just play silly buggers!

A replacement is under £4.
click here
A hint: cabling & power connectors on a floppy are surprisingly confusing (cables can go in both ways). Mark cable with marker pen before removing the old 'un, then slot the new one in the same. It is easy, honestly.

  bof:) 10:23 03 Oct 2006

Hi Grantrh, I'll have a look at the inside connections, although the pc is only 2 years old, I seem to think that the A-drive has hardly been used.

You used to be able to get floppy drive cleaner disks but I havn;t seen them about for ages now.

Thanks for your help,


  bof:) 10:28 03 Oct 2006

Hi bjh, thanks for the explanation, and the website. I'll check the connections tonight and if drive still doesnt work, I'll suggest they get a new drive.

Thankyou again,


  bof:) 22:58 08 Oct 2006

Hi all, fitted new drive...all works fine now


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