Diskeeper Professional - iobit Smart DefragV2.1 be

  compumac 16:45 23 Apr 2007

I have downloaded to one PC, - 2007 Professional 30 day trial and onto another PC - iobit Smart Defrag beta 2.1.

Diskeeper is costing, iobit is free.

I pose the question is the paid for version so much better?

  Stuartli 16:53 23 Apr 2007

The paid for Diskeeper Professional version will have features that will particularly interest businesses etc, but I use IObit SmartDefrag and find it excellent.

It has one advantage over its Diskeeper Lite equivalent and that is that it will automatically defrag in the background if required, whereas Diskeeper Lite needs the paid for version for the feature.

  MAJ 16:53 23 Apr 2007

You tell us, you have both.

  compumac 16:55 23 Apr 2007

You will have to wait a while, I only installed them today.

  compumac 20:23 23 Apr 2007

I used IObit to defrag (three times)and then analysed using XP defragmenter, - XP defragmenter displayed several hundred fragmented files. One wonders therefore at the ability of IObit to defrag or is it the differing manner of interpretation/analysis?

  Dipso 21:37 23 Apr 2007

I found the same as compumac...IObit said it had completed but I ran it again and it showed fragmented files? The XP one showed the same?

  compumac 23:00 05 May 2007

I have been using Diskeeper Professional now for nearly two weeks and certainly my PC has been working a lot quicker. Previously I had defragged using XP and also Symantec/Norton Optimiser as in SystemWorks,- using either of these I was finding that there were still many files still fragmented, whereas now with Diskeeper it is practically nil.

  Input Overload 23:52 05 May 2007

PerfectDisk is the best by ffar.

  phono 00:25 06 May 2007

I have personally used Diskeeper from version 7 to the present incarnation and I think it is excellent.

  trisha01 00:46 06 May 2007

I have used IOBit and didn't like it at all - I now use Diskeeper Professional and find it excellent - set it and forget it.

  phono 00:48 06 May 2007

"I now use Diskeeper Professional and find it excellent - set it and forget it."

I'll have to second that.

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