Diskeeper Lite question.

  Meshuga 18:46 28 Apr 2003

Can anyone explain the following please.
I have recently downloaded Diskeeper Lite and defragged my pc.This then showed everything ok.
As an experiment I immediately restarted in safe mode and defragged using MS defrag expecting to find that it didnt need doing, having just been done but it went on to defrag, moving lots of little boxes around and filling up spaces.
Does this mean that diskeeper had not done its job
or what is the reason. Forgive my ignorance on this. Meshuga.

  hoverman 19:07 28 Apr 2003

I am using Diskeeper 7. When this was installed it automatically replaced the built in XP defrag program - that is, when I click on start/all programs/system tools/Disk defragmenter it launches Diskeeper 7. The defrag program that comes with Windows XP is a much scaled down version of Diskeeper. Are you sure it was the MS defrag than ran in safe mode? It might well have been Diskeeper Lite.

  hoverman 19:15 28 Apr 2003

I have assumed you are running Windows XP but am unsure what the situation is with previous versions with Windows.

  Meshuga 19:27 28 Apr 2003

Hoverman, my apologies, I should have said I
am using Win ME. I selected Defragment by going
to Start, Programmes, Acessories and defrag
so I can only assume that it was Win and not Diskeeper. The format on screen was definitely
windows defrag. Thanks for your reply. Regards,

  hoverman 19:57 28 Apr 2003

My advice would be use Diskeeper Lite all the time and ignore the built in Windows defrag program.

  Mango Grummit 20:01 28 Apr 2003

You ask "Does this mean that diskeeper had not done its job or what is the reason?"

Answer: Diskeeper does not do a full defrag but if used at least daily then fragmentation is kept at a constantly low level which is OK because even after a full defrag then within a couple of hours or so you will have fragmentation already. Diskeeper keeps it at about that level all the time. That's OK and the good thing is it only takes about three to four minutes or less each time you use it.

  lindyloo4 20:05 28 Apr 2003

I know exactly what you mean. After running Diskeeper I thought I would see just how long it would now take to Defrag using the one which comes installed with Win Me. It took the usual ages and I mean ages. I went back to Diskeeper and ran analyse and I had more fragmented files than I had before.

I know this doesn't answer your question but at least you know someone else has tried your experiment too - and doesn't understand it either.
Hopefully someone will be able to explain it to both of us.


  anchor 20:06 28 Apr 2003

As I understand it, Diskeeper works in a different way to the Windows 98/ME MS defragger. It effectively defrags the files and folders, without moving everything to the top, filling up all the spaces. Hence, it takes less time.

I suspect that you are using a version of Windows prior to XP. Stick with Diskeeper, and forget about the MS version.

  Meshuga 20:34 28 Apr 2003

Thank U Anchor,lindyloo4 and Mango Grummit for
your replies. The reason is much clearer now.
Linda, I found, as U did, that I had more fragments at the end. If U check Anchors and Mango Grummits replies It will be clearer to U.
Thanks and regards 2 all. Meshuga.

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