Diskeeper Lite

  russmini 22:11 05 May 2005

After downloading this much liked program onto this computer, it takes forever to do a defrag ! Usually about.. don't know cause i either stop it or go out and its done when i get back. Did use on last comp and it was really quick and did a superb job !

Running XP, with most spyware, malware, virus programs and ccleaner that most everyone on here recommends.

Also tried full Diskeeper and that is the same, at mo only got 10GB on here so not a great deal to go through and its never that bad just seems to take forever to do not alot !!


  stalion 22:14 05 May 2005

had the same problem with it took 12 hours to de-frag xp I now use norton optimiser and it takes about 5 hours on a 120gb hard drive

  VoG II 22:17 05 May 2005

Hours??? Mine takes about 5 minutes (if that) on a 40 GB drive.

  stalion 22:25 05 May 2005

in all the time I have owned a pc the quickest de-frag I have ever done was one and a half hours on a 1gb hard drive

  VoG II 22:29 05 May 2005

Something wrong there...

  lindyloo4 22:44 05 May 2005

Just ran a diskeeper defrag - 4 mins on 148 GB drive running XP. (132 GB is free space)

  russmini 22:46 05 May 2005

Yep, that is what used to happen on old comp, was superb, but now... got to be joking..

Any ideas ?

  bretsky 00:39 06 May 2005

Just downloaded this, and I have to say it's pretty quick, approx 5-6 mins for a 60Gb drive, mind you I defrag once a week anyway.

one gripe is that if you want to use advanced features you have to upgrade.
Using Win XP home Ed sp1.

bretsky ;0)

  Green 1 01:26 06 May 2005

Mine takes about 4Mins on a 10 gig HDD 1/2 full.

  CurlyWhirly 01:50 06 May 2005

I have the registered version of DiskKeeper 9 and it only takes around 5 minutes to defrag my 120 Gb hard drive!
Mind you I do defrag at LEAST once a week to keep on top of things!

  busterbill 01:54 06 May 2005

I attempted to use this prog when I had Win 98, and found it to be bloody rubbish. Tried using M/soft defragger in Sys tools, and it would always go back to the beginning, so I installed End it all, shut down what I could, and done it with no probs.

Since upgrading to XP (and yes, I will admit, it took a long time for me to take the plunge!), things have never been rosier....the defragger in XP is brilliant, no going back to the beginning, just click the defrag button and away you go. I should add though, it is best to use th disk cleanup as well, runs everything a whole lot quicker!

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