Disk stuck in drive

  Weskit 10:32 01 Nov 2007

I have a Medion laptop with external dvd drive. The disk won't eject. This is one where the disk is normally ejected from within, i.e. there is no tray to emerge. Does anyone have any info as to opening such a drive to remove the disk? Thanks.

  ambra4 10:43 01 Nov 2007

Try this double click my computer on desktop-Right click cd rom drive-Eject

  jack 10:45 01 Nov 2007

I have not come across a 'trayless' drive to investigate though I have seen them.
'Trayed' drives often have a pinhole either near the eject button or in the rear casing
push a paper clip in and it release the retain mechanism and out the tray pops.
How about yours - can you see such a release hole?
Otherwise it means taking the casing off - fancy that?

  Weskit 11:05 01 Nov 2007

Thanks both. Trouble is, none of the eject dodges work, it may be a mechanical fault. I know about the paper clip method but mine doesn't have any access hole or eject tray. I am looking for some ideas about opening the case up. There are 2 small cross head screws on the underside, I am wondering whether if I remove these I should be able to slide the "innards" out. Does anyone have any experience?

  Pamy 15:29 01 Nov 2007

Was the external DVD drive supplied by Median?

Perhaps an e-mail to them ?

  keef66 16:00 01 Nov 2007

presumably the mechanism is the same as in a car cd player. They seem to be quite prone to eating but not spitting out discs, and disassembly seems to be the only way of removing the disc.

Can't offer you any guidance though

  Weskit 16:06 01 Nov 2007

Pamy Could try but wouldn't hold my breath.

keef66 That's what I thought.

Thanks both anyway.

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