disk space management (again)

  bigdavey 17:17 03 Apr 2008

I recently got excellent help here with formatting a partition to free up hdd space. what i would now like to do is to move all my program files and stuff over to the much bigget partition as C: is almost full and E: almost empty........

please can someone let me know how to do this.



  Diemmess 17:34 03 Apr 2008

For tunes pics, videos and other data simply drag and drop or Cut and Paste.

Program files wont migrate like this. They are integrated with Windows registry on C:

If you move all the data over to nice new folders on D: you will probably have cleared a large proportion of the possible space.
If you want to move applications you must uninstall them one at a time and re-install them to Drive D: You do have a choice but most times the default C: is OK-d.

  Ditch999 17:37 03 Apr 2008

IMHO you should leave your programmes on C:\
You could move your documents folder to E:\ by right clicking My Documents > Properties then change the target to read something like E:\My Documents then click Move

  bigdavey 14:59 09 Apr 2008

I keep getting a message "you are running out of space......C:) i know that c is getting full but i have loads of space in my new partition (E:).

should i just ignore this message?

  DieSse 15:23 09 Apr 2008

"should i just ignore this message?"

No - definitely not - Windows is prone to corrution when disk space gets too low.

Ditch99s advice is very sound - move your "My Documents" onto the E partitions, in the way he told you.

Then check again how much space you have.

If you have any large data (ie pics, videos, etc) in other folders, you can just drag-and-drop them into your E partition.

Don't try and move any programs - it'll all go wrong - that is significantly more complex and may not even be needed.

  bigdavey 15:45 09 Apr 2008

thanks, i did move the my documents folder to the E partition, but my c: drive (30gigs)is still virtually full. as far as i know there's just windows xp and office and a few other programs, and yet is is almost full!!


  [email protected] 15:50 09 Apr 2008

d/l treesize to help see whats using the space.
click here

  Hudson 16:06 09 Apr 2008

30 GB is extraordinary if it's really just XP & a bit more. You can try searching for temporary files using search terms *.tmp, *.bak, *.old and *.$$$. These can safely be deleted if they're not from the current session. (Really delete them - don't just shift them to the Recycle Bin). But I suspect that to have reached 30GB there must be more in there. You could try a cleanup utility such as cclean.

  bigdavey 16:09 09 Apr 2008

"documents and settings" is taking up 11 gigs, although it is not "my documents", can i move that! it seems to have important files in there!

(thanks everyone)

  Hudson 16:15 09 Apr 2008

My own 'documents and settings' is just over 1GB so 11GB seems strange. Don't move the whole thing - 'settings' are, well, settings. Can you break things down a bit? what are the fattest folders in there?

  bigdavey 16:24 09 Apr 2008

the main culprit is a folder called "dave"
(thats me!)- at almost 7g! the largest folder in "dave" is 6,54gb, called "desktop"
it contains a bunch of desktop icons (my desktop is cluttered with shortcuts)

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