Disk space inaccuracies? Help!

  Wanderfly 14:12 10 Apr 2008

Hi all,
Got a Sony Vaio laptop running Vista. I wanted to format the HD to wipe off all the useless software Sony bundled onto it and also have had it for 2 years just want a clean install.
I have 2 issues;
1. In disk management it's showing I have 3 partitions/volumes one unlabelled of 6.99GB, and empty, that's in EISA (?) configuration. C drive is 16.29GB with 47% free and is the boot drive, D drive is 32.60GB but is showing as only having 3.72GB free, yet I don't have anything left installed, no music, pics, videos, documents. How can this be right and how do I rectify it?
2. How can I re-format this D drive? In disk manegement it won't allow me the option, showing that it has the system files on it.
Thanks all!

  mooly 18:16 10 Apr 2008

Have you tried using Vistas own disc cleanup ? on the D partition.From start menu click "computer" right click on "D Partition" click properties and select disc cleanup, when this has analysed click "more options" at top and select "delete shadow copies etc". Same applies to "C" partition as well.

  hiwatt 18:39 10 Apr 2008

Could be system restore.On vista SR uses a lot of hardrive space.Try turning system restore off and see how much space it frees up.Beware you will loose all restore points though but you can create another one.

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