Disk space Full.....?

  hmws 14:54 13 Apr 2005

My friends daughter has run out of space on her hard drive. Someone has loaded Windows XP Pro on a 2Gb Hard Drive. I guess originally the machine came with Win98 but there are no CD's etc, etc.

I have got her to delete as much as possible but it is still full.

She has an E:drive with 4Gb free space. Can I swap the drives over in the tower, load XP Pro and will it automatically boot up from what was the old E drive?

Are there step by step instructions on how to do this anywhere? I have a reasonable magazine read knowledge, but apart from fitting memory and a CDRW that is it.

Presumably once up and running on the 4Gb drive then I could just delete everything on the old C: drive?

Any help you can give would be appreciated.

  Technotiger 15:03 13 Apr 2005

Hi, no, this would not work. Even 4Gb is too small for proper operation of XP with any decent add-on options. I would personally advise a new HD at least 10Gb, more if it can be afforded, they are not expensive these days.

The other alternative would be to connect the E drive as a Slave to C.


  recap 15:08 13 Apr 2005

click here for system requirments for XP Pro

and click here for XP Home

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 15:12 13 Apr 2005

i would go with Technotiger on this one you are leaving very little room for manouver on your existing set up and as Technotiger has said hard drives are relativley cheap these days less than 30 quid will get you a 40gig drive from click here

  hmws 15:21 13 Apr 2005

Strangely I suggested to them a new Hard Drive this morning to them via email.

Thanks all for your speedy responses - looking at the response from "Technotiger" is it easy to connect the E drive as a slave to C? Even if this is a short term solution to the problem and how do I do that?

  Technotiger 15:30 13 Apr 2005

It is not difficult - on the back of each drive are a set of pins (3 or 4 pairs) One of these pairs will have a jumper. On the Main Drive (C:) the jumper will be set as Master, the second drove (E)to be the Slave should have the jumper moved to the Slave position. On each of the drives you will see the jumper settings marked, usually somewhere near the edge of the drive, clearly showing which is Master/Slave etc. The Master drive should be attached to the End position on the wide (IDE) cable, with the Slave drive attached to the other connection point on the same cable.

I hope that make sense to you.
But in any case I would strongly suggest a new/bigger hd.


  hmws 15:53 13 Apr 2005

Much appreciate your answers - I'll put it to them quite strongly that they need a new Hard Drive.

They should have stuck with Windows 98 as shipped!!

Thanks again - I might need to come back when installing a new hard drive!!!!!!!

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