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  User-E70658AE-BDD7-4DD5-AE5EE3B7769D7D2C 18:57 14 Dec 2005

I am a bit of a novice regarding downloading my music to CD and am confused that I have CD-R & CD-RW discs which tell me they have 700 MB of space yet when I try to burn tracks the maximum I can transfer to disc is about 110 MB. Is there a technical reason for this or, am I doing something wrong?

  stalion 19:01 14 Dec 2005

you should be able to burn 700 to 800 on each disk cd audio about 20 tracks mp3 200 tracks.
cd-r you can only write once cd-rw about 1000 times.
What program are you useing to burn your cd's?

  ozone10 19:06 14 Dec 2005

Hi Boike,
Your space conundrum depends on the format you are burning to the CD. If you are burning raw MP3 files (or other format) to CD then you will be able to fit a full 700mb of music files onto the CD. On most burning programs this is a Data CD. However you will only be able to play these on a MP3 compatable cd player. If you are burning an Audio cd (which it sounds like you are) then the music file needs to be expanded to an uncompressed format before it is burned. For example a 4Mb MP3 file is expanded roughly to 40Mb in CDA file format (the format used for audio CD's) Obviously this means that you can burn fewer tracks but they are playable on a standard CD player.

What burning software are you using?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:08 14 Dec 2005

If you only write one track then it may ffinalise the disk and stop you writing anymore.

You need to set your writing software to multisession.

Or copy over all the files in one copy rather than write seperate times to the disk.

I'm using MS Media player(9) and more recently ITunes (don't know the version) I'm trying to burn audio CD's (just to play in the car) however, the way it's going I'm going to end up with several dozen discs in the car. I originally thought that I could transfer maybe hundreds of tracks on half a dozen discs. Clearly I have got it seriously wrong.
Any advice would be useful.

  kro 00:38 16 Dec 2005

Hi Boike

I was just reading your post and thought this info might be of interest.

About 12 months ago I bought a CD/MP3/WMA car stero. Got it from Argos for £90 - and it just about the best thing I have ever bought. 250+ tracks on a single CD - or if you prefer everything the Beatles did from 1963 onwards plus John Lennon's & George Harrison's solo stuff on one disc. Better than an auto-changer because you can get more than 6 CDs worth on opne disc which can all be divided into seperate folders.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:11 16 Dec 2005

Audio tracks are recorded as CDDA about 20 to a CD
will play in any CD player

You can burn songs as DATA in the MP£ format and put 175 to a CD ut will only play on the very latest CD players built to handle MP3.

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