A Disk Read Error Occurred

  Shikaree 14:42 08 Sep 2009

Hi Folks,

Yes, it's me again, with another PC problem. SORRY Folks!

Has anyone had the above Problem?

My computer Bootsup to: Searching for Boot Record from CD Rom ... Not found
Searching for Boot Record from IDE-O - OK.

Then this appearss: A Disk Read Error Occurred.
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to Restart.

I have tried this instructions several times and it doesn't work.

Before that my computer was working OK. The other computer that is. On shutting down it downloaded about 44 updates. This is with a new hard drive and new XP Pro with SP3 installed that's why 44 Updates, I think.

Please will HELP.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:02 08 Sep 2009

It looks like one of the updates has corrupted the hard drive.

Can you boot into recover console and at the prompt rum fixmbr and then fixboot?

  Shikaree 17:52 08 Sep 2009

Thanks Fruit Bat /\0/\ Yes I'll try that. I have the Disc. What do I do, just reboot with the CD and select Recover Console and run fixmbr then fixboot.

I wish I could find out which Update and delete it.


  DieSse 18:11 08 Sep 2009

Normally a "Disk Read Error" means exactly what it says - there is a portion of the disk that is unreadable.

Commonly this would mean a hardware issue to do with your hard drive - I would think it extremely unlikely that any kind of software update could cause a read error.

Common causes - hard drive failing or cable problem. Try taking the drive cables off and refitting them. Make sure you disconnect mains power from the system before unplugging anything inside. If it's a laptop, take out the battery, remove the drive, and refit it.

The common times for a hard drive to fail are when new, and when old. Middle-aged drives rarely fail.

  Shikaree 19:01 08 Sep 2009

Thanks DieSse - I have checked both leads. In fact I also hooked the new hard Drive as Slave and it's showing in Bios Ok and I also opened it up in My Computer. It seems that Booting up, there is a problem. I should have mentioned earlier. This is a 250GB hard drive. In Bios it shows as usual 137.4GB. In Properities it shows as 232GB. My other Bigger hard drives are Partitioned. This is not. eg. as C & G. C has the OS ect. and G usually all my personal data.

  GaT7 18:48 09 Sep 2009

What's your motherboard make & model number Shikaree?

"This is a 250GB hard drive. In Bios it shows as usual 137.4GB." - your BIOS may not be up-to-date & could be the cause of both the problems.

Apparently this appears to happen for various reasons: click here, click here (somewhat related), & on older OSes click here & click here. G

  GaT7 18:48 09 Sep 2009

"Apparently this appears to happen for various reasons:" - i.e. the Disk Read Error. G

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:38 09 Sep 2009

What do I do, just reboot with the CD and select Recover Console and run fixmbr then fixboot.
Yes boot from the CD at the prompt select R to repair your computer by going to recovery console.
When recovery console boots you will be asked to select your windows by pressing 1 then it will go to the C:\windows prompt

press enter
then type
press enter
type exit
press enter to get out of recovery console the machine wil then reboot make sure you remove the CD and it should boot into windows.

  Shikaree 19:55 09 Sep 2009

Crossbow7 - My Motherboard - MSI K7 Pro ATX IR3 - MS-6195. There is a latest BIOS on MSI website - MSI K7 Master Bios 1.5.

This looks as if it will be compatible with my AMD Athlon Processor. 800MHz. However I was afraid to download it in case it spoilt something in my computer. My computer is over 9 years old.

I have upgraded it - it came with 20GB Hard Drive - I Installed 40GB. Then 80GB. Next 160GB. Now 250GB. All the other hard drives work well, no problems. The 160 also shows 137.4 in Bios but in Properties it shows 101GB in 'C' and 49GB in 'G' (Partition). The 250GB shows in Properties 232GB.

Installed New Windows XP Pro. Was working well till I had to ... you get 30 days to do that ... and Registered, about 2 days ago. I had 4 days only left. I shouldn't have Registered then. There were about 44 Updates and after that when I Restarted my computer I got that Error note.

MEMORY - came with 128MB. Now 384MB. I have a another Memory Card but have not put it in yet.
Added a DVD-RW 52X.
Added Ethernet Card for Broadband.
Added USB2 card 4 Port.

Crossbow7, thank you for your precious time you are spending with me.

  GaT7 20:05 09 Sep 2009

Try what Fruit Bat suggested first, i.e. before you attempt a fresh install.

Yes, you're right about the BIOS. Only do it as a last resort. The latest BIOS seems to be 1.8 click here. G

  Shikaree 20:56 09 Sep 2009

Fruit Bat /\0/\ - Thanks!

Crossbow7 mentioned to do your suggestion first. I will. Thanks

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