GOBEEN 23:47 02 Jan 2005

Hi PPL,I copied tracks onto my hard disk,"MY MUSIC" when I copied them onto a C/D.I could not get them to play on my C/D.player,portable and stack decks.please sort it for me,regards,GOBEEN

  mjd 23:52 02 Jan 2005

Did you copy to a CD i.e. write once or a CDR (write many times) CDRs sometimes won't work on portable CD players and HiFis.

  mjd 23:54 02 Jan 2005

Sorry - should have said CDR = write once; CDRW = write many times. CDRWs are problematic with HiFis etc.

  GOBEEN 00:11 03 Jan 2005

Thanks MJD.I am not very conversant with all the terminoligy,but on the cover=plastic case,it say's RW.should I just USE A "cdr" type of disk,I cant play on any machine,I used "Windows Media Player"to copy to disk,is there usualy a prob. with this,regards DAVID.

  mjd 00:31 03 Jan 2005

Gobeen, You should use a CDR for making music CDs. USe CDRW for storing stuff that you may want to write over or erase from the disk in the future. While A CDRW will play music on your PC they don't generally work on HiFis or in car CD players.



  kev.Ifty 00:41 03 Jan 2005

These tracks you copied on to your 'hard disk'

Where did you copy them from?

What files are they?

If you are trying to make a copy of a CD (music files) Go to My Computer, Explore the CD. Then Right click on the CD icon and send each file(track) to the 'Writable' Drive.

Then write those files to CD. Having placed a Writable CD in the Drive.

click here

Some Software that can help...........

Does this help?


  THE TERMINATOR 01:57 03 Jan 2005

mjd is exactly right. CDReWritable disks do not play on most hifi's and portables. Use CDRecordable disks ONLY for this purpose....TT

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