Disk partitioning!!!! :(

  SweetBriar 12:22 26 Mar 2011

Help!!! I'm way above my pay grade here!!!

My laptop came with 3 partitions - in Computer Management they showed like this:

Service003 (S) Healthy (System, Active, Primary Partition) Capacity 1.45GB Free 383 MB

SW_Preload (C) Healthy (Boot, Page File, Primary Partition) Capacity 202.12 GB Free 91.21 GB

Q Healthy (Primary Partition) Capacity 9.77GB Free 2.98 GB

I could not defrag Q and S, as there was insufficient room to write to - largely, in one case at least, used up with back-up WIM files. To try to solve this, I shrank C, to create space to increase Q and S. However, the space created was non-contiguous to either, so I could not extend them.

I have now ended up with a new partition D (Healthy, Logical Drive) with 11.12 GB capacity and 9.90 free space, together with 8.41 GB Free space. Although this appears contiguous to Q, I still cannot extend Q into it. In fact, the only volume I can extend is D, which is the new volume I created in trying to make space for S and Q.

Confused? Totally!!!! Can anyone help, or do I need to get someone in who knows what they're doing?

Any help would be MOST gratefully received!


  beynac 13:50 26 Mar 2011

S is system drive and should be left alone.

Q is probably a virtual drive set up by MS Office 2010 Starter (click here for details). Again, you can't, and shouldn't access it or defrag it.

  SweetBriar 14:02 26 Mar 2011

Yeah, thanks Beynac, just worried that if they keep filling up as they are, eventually they will run out of capacity, and then what? :-(

  beynac 14:14 26 Mar 2011

They shouldn't fill up! Are you saving files to either of them?

My Q drive always shows as zero bytes capacity and zero bytes used. Maybe I'm wrong and it's not the Office virtual drive. Can you open the drive in explorer and see what is there?

  Batch 14:32 26 Mar 2011

DO you use Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption? I ask as the S drive that you have sounds very much like the necessary additional partition to support this (especially as it is just about the right size). See:

click here(WS.10).aspx

And in particular:

click here(WS.10).aspx#BKMK_Partitions

This also explains more:
click here

  Batch 14:35 26 Mar 2011

Hmmm! Those first to links didn't work very well. Here they are again without the http://, so you'll need to cut and paste into your address bar:



  SweetBriar 15:09 26 Mar 2011

Thanks guys - no, Beynac, I'm not saving to either of them - the largest files in one if not both are sdriverecovery.WIM and cdriverecovery.WIM - or words to that effect! I think I've worked out that WIM files are a "snapshot" of the drives, so presumably they update themselves every so often, to keep the recovery info up to date?

The Q drive is set up by the manufacturer - Lenovo(Q:) and the S is called SERVICEV003(S:)

Thanks, Batch, I'll check out those links! I'm no geek, but neither am I a technophobe, and I do think this Lenovo architecture if unnecessarily complicated! Well, it is for me!

  beynac 15:48 26 Mar 2011

'presumably they update themselves every so often, to keep the recovery info up to date?'

That sounds a reasonable explanation. Sorry for the red herring about the Q drive.

  woodchip 18:30 26 Mar 2011

As above you are messing the Partitions up and when you need to restore with Restore CD its not going to work. Main OS drive partition you can change and this is the one that will fill up as its the one that does all the work and Programs are loaded to it. You would be better buying a External USB Drive like i have a 250Gb Seagate freeagent

  SweetBriar 20:03 26 Mar 2011

Thanks,Woodchip, but, with respect, I would not have dreamt of messing with the partitions if the 2 mentioned - Q and S - had not been filling up to the point that - at least once - I've had "insufficient resources" error messages. One of them has only about 384 MB of space left - what happens when that's full? They were also showing at like 79% fragmented!!!

  woodchip 20:37 26 Mar 2011

you should not use those partitions, I don't on my PC's that have them.
This HP Laptop as two a Restore Partition and main C:\

The Restore Partition is 4.98Gb Free Space on it 433Mb That's why they are only small Partitions. You do not need to Defrag these drives as they are not used

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